Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 2nd Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Vogelenzang, The Netherlands, 1970

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Couwenhoven, T. Problems caused by salinization in the Dutoh coastal regions
Pomper, A.B. Applications of calculations of seepage and deep percolation in the poldar area of western Holland
Meulenkamp, J.J. On the problern of the physical interpretation of resistivity depth soundings
Roebert, A.J. Some aspects of the saltwater encroachment in the dunewater catchment area of Amsterdam
Van Dam, C.J. Fresh water-salt water relationship
Van Dam, C.J. A simple method for determination of the distribution of inflow and salinity of groundwater entering into a pumped well
Hahn, J. Küstenversalzung im Raume Wittmund/Ostfriesland
Dürbaum, H. Betrachtungen zur Grundwasseratr8mung im Bereich des Wittmunder Versuchfeldes
Brandt, E. Grundwasserversalzung in der Hattstedter Marsch
Gulinck, M.. General problerne on the fresh-saltwater distribution in Belgium
De Breuck, W. Application of resistivity prospecting in geological mapping in Flanders

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