Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 3rd Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1972

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De Breuck, W. and G. De Moor The salinization of the quaternary sediments in the coastal area of Belgium
Andersen, L.J. Salt water in the artesian aquifer of Stevns, East Zealand, Denmark
Gerhardy, H. Saltwater domes in freshwater bearing coastal aquifers of East Frisia - relics of intruded seawater or upward moving saline deep groundwater?
Bruggeman, G.A. Mathematical analysis of steady and non-steady two- and three dimensional flow in anisotropic aquifers with special reference to salt water intrusion problems
Pomper, A.B. Evidence of the influence of man on the natural processes related with salinization of groundwater in the western part of West-Netherlands
Roebert, A.J. Salt water contamination of the wells along the Barnaart-Schuster Canal in the Amsterdam Dune Water Catchment Area
Verruijt, A. Analysis of interface problems by the finite element method
Walter, F. The application of permanent electrode systems for groundwater salinity inspection
Downing, R.A. A summary of saline intrusion problems in the United Kingdom

Closing session, next meeting and excursion