Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 4th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Ghent, Belgium

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Van Dam, J.C. Fresh water - salt water relationships
Gerhardy, H. Problems on the water supply of the isle of Borkum
Hahn, J. The phenomenon of seawater intrusion on the region of Wittmund-Ostfriesland
Bruggeman, G.A. Analytical treatment of moving fronts in two- and three dimensional groundwater flow
Meinardi, C.R. The origin of the brackish groundwater in the lower parts of the Netherlands
Van Dam, J.C. Partial depletion of saline groundwater by seepage
Ambo, K. and Haman, Z. Results of an investigation on the salt/fresh water relationship in a limestone water-table aquifer at Alborg, Jutland
De Breuck, W. The evolution of the coastal aquifer of Belgium
Nutbrown, D.A. Study of saline intrusion into Chalk on the South Coast of the United Kingdom
Venhuizen, K.D. The shape of the fresh-water pocket under the dune-water catchment area of Amsterdam,
De Breuck, W. Hydrogeological excursion in the coastal area of Belgium
Walter, F. Description of geophysical well logging equipment
De Breuck, W. et al. Map of Belgian coastal plain