Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 06th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Hannover, Germany, 1981

Part I Regional Aspects of Groundwater Salinization

Cotecchia, V Methodologies adopted and results achieved in the investigations of seawater intrusion into the aquifer of Apulia(Southern Italy)
Tadolini, T. & Tulipano, L. The evolution of fresh-water/salt-water equilibrium in connection with withdrawals from the coastal carbonate and carstic aquifer of the Salentine Peninsua (South Italy)
Evans, D. Lloyd, J.W. & Howard, K.W.F. A study of saline intrusion and its influence on groundwater management in the Lincolnshire Chalk (England)
Radhakrishna, I Saline water encroachment in the coastal aquifers of Orissa (India)
Lebbe, L.C. A hydrogeological study of the dune area of De Panne (Belgium)
Kleefeldt, M. Causes of groundwater salinization in the aquifer of the Weser River valley (North-West-Germany)

Part II Methods and Hydraulic Aspects

Van Dam, J.C. The shape of the fresh-water/salt-water interface in a semi-confined aquifer
Obdam, A.N.M. Calculation of the salinity process of partially penetrating wells in a semi-confined aquifer
Ten Hoorn, W.H.C. Some calculations concerning the fresh-water/salt-water interface in the subsoil
Pomper, A.B. A possible explanation of the occurrence of inversions in the chloride content of groundwater in the Northern Netherlands
Bibby, R. Misciple displacement in dual porosity media

Part III Special Problems

Schwerdtfeger, B. On the occurence of submarine fresh-water discharges
Boekelman, R.H. Geo-electrical survey in the polder "Groot Mijdrecht"
Sengpiel, K.P & Meiser, P. Locating the fresh-water/salt-water interface on the island of Spiekeroog (Northern Germany) by airborne electromagnetic resistivity/depth mapping

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