Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 7th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden, 1981

These proceedings were made available with the kind permission of the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU). Please refer to this website for information how to order a printed version.

Table of Contents
List of participants
Introductory session

Session 1 - Descriptive contributions

Nordberg, L. Problems in Sweden with intruded and fossil groundwater of marine origin
Lindewald, H. Saline groundwater in Sweden
Engqvist, P. Some wells with high content of chloride in central Sweden
Sidenval, J. Fossil ground water of marine origin in the Uppsala area, Sweden
Sund, B. and G. Bergman Sea water intrusion in drilled wells
Agerstrand, T., G. Hansson & G. Jacks Effect on ground water composition of sequential flooding of aquifers with fresh and saline water
Boswinkel, J.A. Spatial salinity variations in the Netherlands
Cotecchia, V., Tadolini, T. & Tulipano, L. Saline contamination phenomena in the karstic and fissured carbonatic aquifer of the salentine peninsula (southern Italy)
Kozerski, B. Salt water intrusions into coastal aquifers of Gdansk region

Session 2 - Field methods

Mullern, C.F. & L. Eriksson Testing VLF-resistivity measurements in order to locate saline groundwater
Pomper, A.B. Hydrochemical observations in the subsoil of the western part of the Netherlands
Gidlund, G. Salt water in connection with groundwater sampling in deep boreholes
Custodio, E. Sea water encroachment in the Llobregat and Besos areas, near Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

Session 3 - Modelling

De Vries, J.J. The distribution of fresh and salt groundwater in the Dutch coastal area and the Quaternary-geological evolution
Peters, J.H. Application of vortex distributions in hodelling the storage of fresh water in saline aquifers
Van Duyn, C.J. The simultaneous flow of fresh and salt groundwater in horizontally extended aquifers
Delisle, G. & K. Schelkes Assessment of the flow regime of fresh and salinar ground waters in the sedimentary cover of a salt dome - Problems and methods
Lebbe, L. The subterranean flow of fresh and salt water underneath the western Belgian beach
Van Dam, J.C. Analysis of the possible shapes of the fresh water-salt water interface in a confined aquifer with axial-symmetric boundary conditions
Ten Hoorn, W.H.C. The shape of the fresh water-salt water interface when crossing aquitards and on emerging in open salt water
Van den Akker, C. The numerical calculation of salt water/fresh water interfaces using the stream function

Session 4 - Applications

Schuurmans, R.A. & C. van den Akker Artificial removal OF intruded saline water IN A deep aquifer

Session 5 - Conclusions

Falkenmark, M. Concluding sessions