Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 8th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Bari, Italy

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Appelo, C.A.J. and W. Geirnaert Processes accompanying the intrusion of salt water intrusion
Nachtigall, K.H. Hydrochemical aspects of the interface
Skayias et al. Evaluation of geochemical data of spring water from Peloponnes, Greece
Brondi et al. Hydrogeochemical study and distribution of some trace elements in the most important coastal springs and groundwaters of the Apulian Region (Southern Italy)
Canziani et al. A proposal for a geophysical detection method of the groundwater surface variations caused by sea water intrusion: first experimental results
Cotecchia, V. and E. Pirastru A contrihution to the study of sea-water iotrusion into coastal aquifers: a nuclear method for measuring groundwater chlorine content
Dauro M. and E. Pirastru On the method of in situ measurement of groundwater chlorine content: an improvement for its utilization in small diameter wells (under 30 cm)
Fielitz, K. and W. Giesel Evaluation of groundwater salinity from well logs and conclusions on flow of highly saline water
Tadolini et al. Discharge conditions and variations of the main hydrological parameters of some coastal Apulian springs relating to seawater influence on groundwater
Calo, G. et al. Hydrogeological investigations on the area sourrounding Santa Cesarea Terme springs (Southern Apulia)
Peters, J. H. The movement of fresh water injected in salaquifers
Aureli, A. Problems arising from surexploitation of coastal aquifers in Sicily.
Schuurmans, R.A. Restoring a briny catchment area
Benedini, M. et al. Mathematical model of a coastal aquifer subject to seawater intrusion: the Nardo aquifer (Italy) as an example
Bulgarelli, U. et al. A finite difference model for the computer simulation of salt water intrusion in coastal aquifers
Lebbe, L. Mathematical model of the evolution of the fresh water lens under the dunes and beach with semi-diurnal tides
Bruggeman, G.A. Use of pressure generators in solving three dimensional salt-fresh groundwater problems
Trippler, K. Experiments with a model of a brackish karst spring
Cotecchia, V. and A. Federico On an approximate evaluation of the mass flow rate of submarine springs
Goldenberg, L.C. Permeability decrease in coastal aquifers due to water-rock interaction
Geirnaert, W. Salinization of a well field caused by a short·circuit between two aquifers
Bize, J. Wateringues aquifer - A particularity in salt water intrusion: low sloped coast with high variations of tide levels
Lebbe, L. et al. Salt water encroachment in the western Belgian coastal plain
Batista, E. et al. Some aspects of sea water intrusion in Catalonia (Spain)
Barbieri, G. et al. Salt intrusion phenomena in the South East coast of Sardinia
Kozerski, B. Problems of the salt water origin in the Vistula delta aquifers
Giardi, M. et al. Salt water intrusion m the coastal plains of Versilia and Elba Island (Tuscany)
Liguori, V. and G. Cusimano Aspects of groundwater and seawater intrusion phenomena in the Piana dei Colli (Palermo - Italy): the influence of geological and structural features
Cotecchia, V. et al. Sea water intrusion in the planning of groundwater resources proctection and utilization in the Apulia Region (Southern Italy)
De Breuck, W. A synthesis of: Salt water intrusion meeting 1968 - 1981
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