Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 9th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Delft, The Netherlands, 1986

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J.M. Dirken Welcome
A. Volker Official opening
J.C. van Dam Opening address Salt water intrusion

Group 1 - General description of problems and surveys (including techniques and management)

Introduction J.C. van Dam
Cotecchia V., M.D. Fidelibus and L. Tulipano Phenomenologies connected with the variation of equilibria between fresh and salt water in the coastal karst carbonate aquifer of the Salento
Hofstede, W.J.T. and W.H.C. ten Hoorn Utilization of salt water intrusion
Maas, C. A seepage barrier against salt water intrusion
Morell, I. and A. Pulido Study of the freshwater-saltwater interface in the coastal aquifer of Oropesa-Torreblanca, Castellon, Spain
Santing, G. Circulating flow in a confined salt-groundwater body
Spizzico, M. and R. Tinelli Hydrogeology of Galese Spring – Mar Piccolo of Taranto (Southern Italy)

Group 2 - Regional comprehensive studies

Introduction Z. Haman
Aureli, A. and A. Aureli Grifeo Salt water intrusion in a coastal aquifersubject to overexploitation and to artificial recharge
Chadha, D.S Saline intrusion in the chalk aquifer of North Humberside, U.K.
Custodio, E., V. Iribar, M. Manzano, A. Bayó and A. Galofré Evolution of sea water intrusion in the Llobregat Delta, Barcelona, Spain
Custodio, E., X. Pascual, M. Bosch and A. Bayó Sea water intrusion in coastal carbonate formations in Catalonia, Spain
Djaeni, A., M. Hobler, G. Schmidt, P. Soekardi and B. Soefner Hydrogeological investigations in the greater Jakarta area, Indonesia
Engelen, G.B. and J.C. de Ruiter-Peltzer A case study of regional hydrological systems and fresh-salt water interaction in the Western part of the Netherlands
Engelen, G.B., R.J. Stuurman, P.J. Stuyfzand and E. Roosma A three-dimensional plexi-glass model of the hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and flow systems in the coastal dunes with artificial recharge, Castricum, Netherlands
Lebbe, L.C. and K. Pede Salt-fresh water flow underneath old dunes and low polders influenced by pumpage and drainage in the Western Belgian coastal plain
Lindh, G. and R. Berndtsson Some aspects of salt water intrusion management and modeling for the island of Ven, Sweden
Ploethner, D., S. Zomenis, C. Avraamides and A. Charalambides Hydrochemical studies for the determination of salt water intrusion processes in the Larnaca coastal plain, Cyprus
Trimigliozzi, A., M. Scorcia and V. Uncino Salt water intrusion in the Cretaceous formations of the Murge and Salentina peninsulas in Apulia

Group 3 - Mathematical calculations and modelling

Introduction G. Jousma
Awater, R Two-dimensional time-dependent groundwater flow
Berger, H.E.J, and W.H.C. ten Hoorn The shape and position of the salt water wedge in semi-confined aquifers in non-steady state
Birch, R.P., J. Dottridge, J.J. van Wonderen, K. Gugansharajah and A.L. Bucheery Simulation study of salt water invasion of the aquiferes of Bahrain island
Chan-Hong, J.R The dynamical behaviour of the interface separating fresh and salt groundwater: a numerical study
Duijn, C.J. van A mathematical analysis of density dependent dispersion in fresh-salt grounwater flow
Farid, M.S.M. and A.M. Amer An approach to handle sea water intrusion in Nile Delta aquifer
Kooiman, J.W., J.H. Peters and J.P. van der Eem Upconing of brackich and salt water in the dune area Amsterdam Waterworks and modelling with the Konikow-Bredehoeft program
Lange, W.J. de Application of the boundary integral element method to analyse the behaviour of a fresh water salt water interface calculating three dimensional groundwater flow
Lotringen, I.G.J, van, and R. H. Boekelman Behaviour of circular fresh water lenses
Meerten, J.J. van, and R.H. Boekelman Well-infiltration in fresh-water pockets in sandy ridges in Zeeland
Poelman, A. and W.H.C. ten Hoorn Numerical calculation of the shape of a fresh water-lens under the sanddunes in the case of two aquifers, separated by a semi-pervious layer
Rushton, K.R. and A.E.F. Spink Analysis of upconing in layered aquifers
Sá da Costa, A Numerical simulation of seawater intrusion with accurate tracking of the seawater toe movement
Souza, W.R. and C.I. Voss Modeling a regional aquifer containing a narrow transition between freshwater and saltwater using a solute transport simulation: Part II – analysis of a coastal aquifer system
Uffink, G.J.M A random-walk simulation of dispersion at an interface between fresh and saline groundwater
Voss, C . I . and W.R. Souza Modeling a regional aquifer containing a norrow transition between freshwater and saltwater using solute transport simulation: Part I - theory and methods
Wikramaratna, R.S. and C.E. Reeve A model to simulate the effects of abstraction on a saline interface in a porous medium

Group 4 - Methods and instruments

Introduction J.C. van Dam
Kooiman, J.W. and G.J.M. Uffink Deep-well infiltration in the dune area Amsterdam Waterworks and modeling of the moving interface
Reeve, C.E., J.W. Finch, A.P. Butler and H.S. Wheater The development and use of aresistivity probe to investigate saline intrusion in a coastal aquifer
Wonderen, J.J. van, and D.J. George Two level pumping to determine salinity and flow variation with depth

Group 5 - Hydrochemical and soil-physical investigations, including dating and isotopes

Introduction J.C. van Dam
Appelo, C.A.J, and A. Willemsen Chemical modelling of salt water intrusion
Fidelibus, M.D. and L. Tulipano Mixing phenomena owing to sea water intrusion for the interpretation of chemical and isotopic data of discharge waters in the Apulian coastal carbonate aquifer (Southern Italy)
Goldenberg, L.C. and S, Mandel Non-Newtonian flow in the seawater-freshwater interface zone
Loehnert, E.P., W. Bauhus and C. Sonntag Mechanism of groundwater salinization in the Hamburg region, F.R. Germany - facts and new findings
Morell, I., J. Medina, A. Pulido and R. Fernandez-Rubio The use of bromide and strontium ions as indicators of marine intrusion in the aquifer of Oropesa - Torreblanca (Castellon, Spain)
Stuyfzand, P.J A new hydrochemical classification of watertypes: principles and application to the coastal dunes aquifer system of the Netherlands

Group 6 - Geophysical investigations

Introduction J.C. van Dam
Barbieri, G., G. Barrocu and G. Ranieri Hydrogeological and geophysical investigations for evaluating salt intrusion phenomena in Sardinia
Sengpiel, K.P New possibilities for groundwater exploration using airborne electromagnetics

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ANNEX I Fresh water percentage profile deducted from resisivity loggings together with the bare graphs of chemical analysis
ANNEX II Cartina degli affioramenti calcarei
ANNEX III Cartina dell’andamento delle isopieziche
ANNEX IV Cartina della salinita