Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 10th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Ghent, Belgium, 1988

De Meyer, L. Welcome address
De Breuck, W. Introduction

General surveys

Stuyfzand, P.J. Hydrochemical evidence of fresh- and salt-water intrusions in the coastal dunes aquifer system of the western Netherlands
Walraevens, K. and L. Lebbe Groundwater quality in the Tertiary Ledo-Paniselian aquifer in Belgium as a result of fresh-water intrusion into sediments in chemical equilibrium with the sea

Regional studies

Dirks et al. Groundwater in Bekasi district, West Java, Indonesia
Lebbe, L. and K. Walraevens Hydrochemical study of a cross-section through the coastal plain and its surroundings near the French-Belgian border
Munstermann, D. and V. Josopait Hydrogeological situation and groundwater monitoring in the area of the "Dollart Port Project" in Lower Saxony, Federal Republic of Germany
Clark et al. Origin and age of coastal groundwaters in Northern Oman
Van Meirvenne et al. Salinization hazard in a polder soil of Belgium
Zeuwts et al. Hydrochemistry of pore water from fine-grained sediments (clay, silt, peat) in the southern part of the western Belgian coastal plain: the Yser plain

Mathematical calculations and modelling

Besselink, L.A.M. PARTRAC, development and application of a groundwater-quality model for variable density flow
Boehmer, W.K. and W. Muhlenbruch Numerical models in designing tube-well irrigation and drainage of an aquifer with a fresh/salt interface
Kooiman, J.W. Modelling the salt-water intrusion in the dune-water catchment area of the Amsterdam Waterworks
Maas, C. and M.J. Emke Solving varying density groundwater problems with a single density computer code
Peters, J.H. Prediction of the chloride content in the abstracted water of the "De Groeve" well field
Reeve, C.E. A comparison of different methods for representing the hydrodynamic dispersion tensor in numerical models
Rivera, A. and E. Ledoux Modelling of a coastal aquifer in Mexico. The simulation of the salt-water interface motion
Stakelbeek, A. Experiments on the movement of brackish water near infiltration and abstraction wells
Thorborg, B.B.W. and G. Jousma Development of a knowledge system for modelling fresh- and saline-groundwater flow
Van der Eem, J.P. Partially penetrating wells in a Dupuit type fresh/saline finite element model
Gonzalez-Martinez et al. The application of the factor-analysis method to study the origin and evolution of the salinization in the Aquifer System No.25 (Huelva Province, Spain)

Methods and instruments

Barbieri et al. Salt-water intrusion control with electric barriers
Samir, M. and M. Farid A hydraulic management approach for salt-water intrusion using two-level pumping mechanism

Hydrochemical and soil-physical investigations

Beekman et al. Fresh- and salt-water intrusion : laboratory experiments and geochemical transport modelling
Boehme, J. and R. Ludwig Isotope studies of the hydrology of the Gorleben area
Custodio et al. Processes in the mixing zone in carbonate formations : central and southern Catalonia
De Ruiter, J.C. Tools for investigating the origin of anomalies in chloride content of groundwater in coastal lowlands
Goldenberg, L.C. and S. Mandel Some processes in the sea-water/fresh-:water interface, as influenced by the presence of gases
Jinno et al. Estimation of the lateral dispersivity in a homogeneous isotropic coastal aquifer
Tulipano, L. and M.D. Fidelibus Temperature of groundwaters in coastal aquifers : some aspects concerning salt-water intrusion
Alaimo et al. Chemical and isotopical methodologies in the studies on origin and evolution of groundwaters flowing in the coastal carbonate and karst aquifer of Apulia (Southern Italy)

Geophysical investigations

Goldman et al. Detection of fresh-water/sea-water interface by the time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) method in Israel
Ranieri et al. Salt-water intrusion monitoring by resistivity and IP-tomographic methods
Sengpiel, K-P. Results of airborne EM groundwater exploration in a desert area using the centroid depth algorithm for evaluation


Lebbe, L. and K. Walraevens Hydrogeological SWIM-excursion to the western coastal plain of Belgium
Walraevens et al. Hydrogeological SWIM-excursion to the Black-Sluice Polder area in the Flemish Valley of Belgium

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