Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 11th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Gdansk, Poland, 1990


Kozerski B.

1. General problems

Dowgiallo J., Fraczek E. An attempt at the interpretation of new data on the hel spit hydrology
Kozerski B., Kwaterkiewicz A. The origin and state of quaternary groundwater salinization in Gdansk region
Pomper A.B. Hydrological investigations in the northern part of the Western in Egypt
Tadolini T. Salt concentration cyclic changes in the waters of the salentine karstic aquifer

2. Mathematical calculations and modeling

de Ruiter J.C. Some aspects of a hydrological systems analysis in the province of South-Holland
Lebbe L., Walraevens K., de Breuck W. The evolution of fresh and salt water flow through the dune area of de Haan
Schotting R.J. upcoming of fluids due to single well drainage
Walraevens, K., Lebbe L., de Breuck W. Q3d- mathematical modeling of the groundwater flow in and around the dune area of the Haan
Zijl W. Dimensionless numbers applied top flow systems analysis in water-salt mixtures

3. Methods and instruments

Barbieri G., Barrocu G., Ranieri G., Vernier A. Field experiments of water intrusion control with electric barriers
Cotecchia, F., Lollino G., Pagliarulo R., Stefanon A., Tadolini T., Trizzino R. Hydrological conditions and field moitoring of the galeso submarine spring in the mar piccolo of the Mar Piccolo of Taranto (southern Italy)
Goldman M., Gilad D., Ronen A., Melloul A. Application of the time domain electromagnetic method for mapping of seawater intrusion into the coastal aquifer of Israel
Zuber A., Kozerski B., Sadurski A., Kwaterkiewicz A., Grabczak J. Origin of brackish waters in the Quaternary aquifer of the Vistula Delta

4. Hydrochemical investigation

Beekman H.E., Appelo C.A.J. Ion chromatography of fresh water intrusion along two transects of the fresh water body of Hoorn, the Netherlands
Fidelibus M.D., Tulipano L. Major and minor ions as natural traces in mixing phenomena in coastal carbonate aquifers of Apuila
Goldenberg L.C., Arad A. High pressures of osmotic origin in subsurface water bodies due to the formation of clay membranes structures
Pascual M., Custodio E. Geochemical observations in a continuously seawater intruded area: Garraf, Catalonia (Spain)

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