Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 12th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, 1992

These proceedings were made available with the kind permission of the CIMNE (Barcelona, Spain) and the editors of the book, Prof. E. Custodio & A. Galofré

Table of Contents

Section 1 - General aspects of salt water intrusion

C.J. van Duijn & R.J. Schotting Brine transport near salt domes
N. Ochmann & K. Fielitz Estimation of horizontal and vertical groundwater flow from well logging and pressure data in groundwater of variable density above a salt dome
V. Iribar & E. Custodio Advancement of seawater intrusion in the Llobregat delta aquifer
N. Petit-Maire & J. Marchand The enhanced greenhouse effect and eventual sea-level rise: the example of the french mediterranean coast in the XXIth century
G.H.P. Oude Essink, H.A. Paap & R.H. Boekelman Influence of sea level rise on a groundwater flow system in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
E. Custodio Coastal aquifer salinization as a consequence of aridity: the case of Amurga phonolitic massif, Gran Canaria island
J. Samper & M.A. Garcia-Vera A groundwater salinity model for the closed-basin area of Los Monegros, Spain

Section 2: Chemical aspects of salt water intrusion

K. Walraevens, M. Boughriba & W. de Breuck Groundwater quality evolution in the Blacksluice polder area around Assened (Belgium)
P.J. Stuyfzand Behaviour of major and trace consituents in fresh and salt intrusion waters, in the western Netherlands
A. Bencini & G. Pranzini The salinization of groundwaters in the Grosseto Plain (Tuscany, Italy)
E.M. Bocanegra, D.E. Martinez, H.E. Massone & J.L. Cionchi Exploitation effect and salt water intrusion in the Mar del Plata aquifer, Argentina
C.A.J. Appelo Analytical and numerical calculations of chromatographic patterns in aquifers
M. Manzano, E. Custodio & J. Carrera Fresh and salt water in the Llobregat delta aquitard: application of the ion chromatography theory to the field data
X. Bosch & E. Custodio Dissolution processes in the freshwater-saltwater mixing zone in carbonate sediments: the Cala Jostell area (Vandellos, Tarragona)
J.M. Pascual, E. Custodio & A. Galofre Sea water intrusion hydrogeochemistry of the Garraf carbonate aquifer (Barcelona-Tarragona)
M.D. Fidelibus, E. Gimenez, I. Morell & L. Tulipano Salinization processes in the Castellon plain aquifer (Spain)
G. Barbieri, G. Barrocu, G. Uras, A. Vernier & S. Grassi A hydrogeological and hydrochemical survey of the coastal aquifers of the southern Campidano, Sardinia
E. Custodio Preliminary outlook of saltwater intrusion conditions in the Donana National Park (southern Spain)

Section 3: Numerical modelling of salt water intrusion

S. Sugio & A. Rahim M. Protection of coastal aquifer from saltwater intrusion by artificial recharge
A. Mahesha & S.H. Nagaraja Studies on advancing interface in coastal aquifers
T.N. Olsthoorn Modelling simultaneous flow of fresh and saline groundwater with a spreadsheet
P. Vogel, K. Schelkes & W. Giesel Modelling of variable-density flow in an aquifer crossing a salt dome: first results
G.H.P. Oude Essink A sensitivity analysis of the adapted groundwater model MOO
J. Rodriguez, J. Tenajas & A. Vela Salinity evolution in the pore waters of the Guadalquivir marsh-lands clayey confining layer
K. Walraevens, L. Lebbe, M. van Camp, G. Angius, M.A. Serra, A. Vacca, R. Massidda & W. de Breuck Salt/fresh-water flow and distribution in a cross-section at Oostduinkerke (western coastal plain of Belgium)
Interpretation of the observed hydraulic head fluctuations at the dune area of De Panne by means of an inverse quasi-3D model
J.P. van der Eem Calculation methods for local variable density ground water problems

Section 4: Numerical modelling applied to management of salt water intrusion

V. Iribar, J. Carrera & E. Custodio Modelling seawater intrusion in the Llobregat delta deep aquifer
M.L. Calvache & A. Pulido-Bosch The influence on the salt-water intrusion process of a karstified massif in a detrital system
J.W. Lloyd, Yong Hong Yu & D.W. Peach The management of groundwater abstraction in islands using trenches: a Bahamian example
J.M. Stark, G.H.P. Oude Essink & R.H. Boekelman Geo-hydrological modeling of the groundwater reservoir "De Hooge Berg" on the island Texel, The Netherlands
A. Farahmand-Razavi & A.E.F. Spink A study of saline intrusion in a chalk aquifer
A. Stakelbeek Movement of brackish groundwater near a deep-well infiltration system
R.F. Stoner & E. Bakiewicz Scavenger wells: 1 - historic development
S. Beeson, R. Carruthers & A.J. Wyness Scavenger wells: 2 - field investigations and monitoring
A. Williams & M. Price Scavenger wells: 3 - using a packer system to determine the position of a saline interface
T.R. Shearer & J. van Wonderen Scavenger wells: 4 - simulation modelling
J.J. van Wonderen & C.R.C. Jones Scavenger wells: 5 - design criteria and implementation in Sindh

Section 5: Survey and monitoring of salt water intrusion

G. Gabbani & A. Gargini An application of the Archie's Law to the hydrogeological investigation of an alluvial coastal plain
P. Dominguez & E. Custodio Sea water intrusion in the lower north-eastern aquifer of the "Campo de Dalias" (Almeria, south-eastern Spain): preliminary study of monitoring data
E. Custodio, A. Baron, H. Rodriguez Morillo, R. Poncela & A. Bayo Saline water in S'Albufera Natural Park aquifer system, Mallorca island (Spain): a preliminary study
M.A. Marques da Silva, E. Custodio & A. Bayo Saline water in the Aveiro deep aquifer system
A. Rogge & V. Josopait Salinization caused by groundwater abstraction from an aquifer on the german North Sea coast
E. Livingston Reducing saltwater intrusion in shallow wells using infiltration galleries on Aunu'u island: a case study
Wang Jiangong, Zao Desan & Ji Mingchuan Sea water intrusion and its control in the Shandong coastal zone, eastern China
A. Bayo, C. Loaso, J.M. Aragones & E. Custodio Marine intrusion and brackish water in coastal aquifers of Southern Catalonia and Castello (Spain): a brief survey of actual problems and circumstances

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