Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 13th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Cagliari, Italy, 1994

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Session 1 - Basic understanding. Analytical calculation methods. Mixing zone hydrodynamics. Unsteady state solutions tor engineering calculations

R.J. Schotting Brine transport in porous media: Von Mises and similarity transformations
P.J Stuyfzand and G. Bruggeman Analytical approximations for fresh water lenses in coastal dunes
S. Sorek and S. Lumelski Modified Eulerian-Lagrangian method for simulations of saltwater problems

Session 2: Modelling. New Approaches. Solution of real cases

L. Brieger, L. Casale, J. Doan—Huu Parallel computation and finite elements: considerations for groundwater models
W.J. de Lange - Three-dimensional density driven flow in a Dupuit-Forchheimer analytic element model For national groundwater management
C. Paniconi and M. Putti Coupling and iteration in the numerical solution of saltwater intrusion problems
K.H. Nachtigall Problems of groundwater production from a freshwater lense of Sylt island (Germany)
M.G. Sciabica, C. Paniconi and G. Barrocu Three-dimensional model of saltwater intrusion in the Capoterra coastal aquifer system (Sandinia)

Session 3: Hydrogeochemical and environmental isotope studies. Mixing zone. Characterization of the origin and dynamics of salt and brackish waters

S. Geenen and T. Olsthoorn Trivariate interpolation of chloride concentration of groundwater in a coastal dune area in the Netherlands
G. Barrocu, M.D. Fidelibus, M.G. Sciabica and G. Uras Hydrogeological and hydrogeochernical study of saltwater intrusion in the Capoterra coastal aquifer system (Sardinia)
R.L. Michel, E. Busenberg, L.N. Plummer, J.A. Izbicki, R Martin and J.N. Densmore Use of tiitium and chlorofluorocarbons to determine the rate of seawater intrusion in a coastal aquifer
P.J. Stuyfzand and R.J. Stuurman Recognition and genesis of various brackish to hypersaline groundwaters in the Netherlands
G. Barbieri, M.D. Fidelibus, S. Grassi, H. Raes and A. Vernier Hydrogeological and hydrochemical observations on salinisation processes in the coastal Carnpidano plain (SE Sardinia)
K. Walraevens, H. Pulkowski, M. Evers and W. de Breuck Hydrogeochemistry of the Kemmelbeek and Ieperlee valleys in West Flanders (Belgium)
T. Tadolini, M. Spizzico, D. Sciannamblo Time course of radon concentration in the deep karstic aquifer of the coastal belt North East of San Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi, Italy)
S. Imerzoukene, K. Walraevens and J. Feyen Salinization of the coastal and eastern zones of the alluvial and unconfined aquifer of the Mitidja plain (Algeria)
Y. Yurtsever Role of environmental isotopes in studies related to salinization processes and salt water intrusion dynamics

Session 4: Study and survey methods. Observation and monitoring networks. Improvement of instrumentation. Geophysical surveys

S. Troisi, R. Coscarelli and S. Straface Sea water intrusion in the coastal aquifer of Reggio Calabria: guidelines for management
L. Lebbe and W. de Breuck Relation between borehole resistivity logs and the pore water resistivity in the Flemish coastal plain
E. Custodio Effect of vertical flows inside monitoring boreholes in coastal areas
V. Ferrara and A. Pennisi Salt water intrusion and its influence on groundwater use in the Siracusa area (south-eastern Sicily)
R. Balia, A. Boi, G.P. Deidda, M. Marchisio, L. Sambuelli Electrical and I.P. survey in a coastal area west of Cagliari (southern Sardinia)

Session 5: Salinization prevention, control and remediation. Impact of global weather and sea level change on coastal aquifer water resources

A. Baron, P. Calahorra, E. Custodio, C. Gonzalez Saltwater conditions in Sa Pobla area and S’Albufera natural park, NE Mallorca lsland, Spain
L. Filippini Using modular visualization environments in geochemical applications
R. Scateni and A. Leone Time evolving Piper diagrams
A. Farahmand-Razavi and A.E.F. Spink A groundwater abstraction strategy for saline intrusion control
F. Celico, P. Celico, V. Di Muoio, F. Habetswallner and B. Palomba Submarine Ruotolo Spring (Sapri - Campania): studies, investigations and tapping works

Session 6: Regional studies

E. Custodio, M. Iglesias, M. Manzano and T. Trick Saltwater intrusion risk along the western Donana area coast (south-westernSpain)
F. Ardau and G. Barbieri Evolution of salt water intrusion phenomena in the coastal plain of Muravera (south-eastern Sardinia)
F. Podda A first view on the hydrogeochemistry of brackish waters in a sedimentary area (Marmilla - Sardinia)
K. Walraevens, K. Martens and W. De Breuck Salt/fresh-water distribution in the polder area near Axel (Zealand-Flanders)
F. Ardau, G. Ghiglieri and A. Vernier Salination of coastal aquifer of the Turritana plain. An important factor conditioning land planning and use
K. Zayani, J. Tarhouni, F. Lebdi, N. Ennabli and M. Gacem Prospecting the reuse possibilities of drainage water in the irrigation of Smida Oasis
G. Barbieri and G. Ghiglieri Overexploitation and salt water intrusion in the alluvial aquifer of the Rio Foxi basin, Villasimius (Southern Sardinia)
A. Corniello, R. de Riso, D. Ducci and P. Napolitano Salt water intrusion in the Ischia Island (southern Italy)
W. De Breuck The fresh and salt water distribution in the unconfined aquifer in Zealand Flanders

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