Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 14th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Malmö, Sweden, 1996


J. van Dam Salt Water Intrusion; Analysis, Research Needs and Opportunities.

Basic theories - mathematical modelling

G.H.P. Oude Essink, R.H. Boekelman Problems with large-scale modelling of salt water intrusion in 3D
S. Oswald, C. Schwarz, W. Kinzelbach Benchmarking in numerical modelling of density driven flow
J. van Esch, A. Stakelbeek Density depended groundwater flow near deepwell infiltration systems, Modelling aspects
T.N. Olsthoom Variable density groundwater flow modelling with MODFLOW
P. Vogel, K. Schelkes Modelling of brine transport in an aquifer crossing the Gorleben salt dome: Influence of initial conditions and hydrogeological settings
A. Yakirevich, V. Borisov, S. Sorek A quasi three-dimensional approach for simulating water flow and solute transport in the vadoze zone and aquifer

Hydrochemical characterization, chemical mixing and tracing of salt water

G. Jacks, K. Rajagopalan Effects of past change on hydrochemistry and hydraulics in two large aquifers in S and SE Asia
Y. Yechieli, D. Ronen, A. Vengosh 14C study of groundwater at the fresh-saline water interface of the Mediterranean Coastal Plain aquifer in Israel
B. Olofsson Salt groundwater in Sweden - Occurence and origin
M. Laaksoharju, c. Skårman Multivariate mixing calculations used to trace modem Baltic Sea water intrusion at Åspö, Sweden
N. Karahanoglu Use of principal component analysis in hydro-geochemical characterization of an aquifer along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey
Y. Yurtsever Isotope applications in the study of processes and dynamics of groundwater salinization
T. Tadolini, M. Spizzico, D. Sciannamblo Groundwater flow circuits in the Salentine karstic aquifer (Apulia, Italy) as defined by the analysis of radon concentrations

Investigation methodologies

W. DeBreuck Future research on coastal aquifers
L. Eriksson Direct current through saline rock
K.-P. Sengpiel Improved delineation of saline groundwater by airborne electro magnetics
J.-P. Groeztner, A. Rogge, P.-C. Scherler Interaction of salt/fresh water flow and hydrochemical zoning in an aquifer in the Pyrmont area, SW Lower Saxony
L. Lebbe, E. van Routte, F. Vanlerberghe, W. de Breuck Quality evolution of fresh and salt groundwater pumped near a drainage canal in the Western Flemish coastal plain
P. J. Stuyfzand Salinization of drinking water in the Netherlands: anamnesis, diagnosis and remediation

Salinization due to irrigation, road salts, waste deposits - its prevention, control and remediation

H. Gökçekus, W. Doyurans Degradation of groundwater quality in the Giizelyurt basin, Northern Cyprus
J. Lindbergh, B. Olofsson, T. Gumbrich Risk mapping of groundwater salinization using Geographic Information Systems
D. Ortlam The method of pollution-tracer to measure lowest groundwater velocities in the city of Bremen
D. Ortlam, M. Sauer Geogene and anthropogene salinization-phenomenons in the groundwater of Bremen
J. Aaltonen, G. Blomqvist Repeatability of geoelectrical investigations
C. Fabricius, B. Olofsson Salinization of private wells from de-icing chemicals - A pilote project in central Sweden

Regional and local case studies

M. D. Fidelibus, L. Tulipano Regional flow of intruding sea water in the carbonate aquifers of Apulia
S.J.A. van Baalen, J. C. de Ruiter The combination of the Stuyfzand-classification and Fuzzy C-Means clustering in a hydrogeochemical systems analysis of the IJssel valley, The Netherlands
K. Wichmann, A. Grube Groundwater salinization in Northern Germany - New developments in research
G. Pranzini, A. Bencini Groundwater salinization in southern Tuscany (Italy)
K. Walraevens, N. El Halirni, A. Chaouni Alia, E. Beeuwsaert, W. De Breuck Hydrogeological and hydrochemical study of the coastal plains of Saidia and Bou-Areg (North-Eastern Morocco)
S. A. Sadeg, N. Karahanoglu Simulation of seawater intrusion in Libya
G.H.P. Oude Essink Impact of sea level rise on Dutch groundwater regimes
S. Follin On the simulation of saline intrusion for repository performance assessment

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