Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 16th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Wolin Island, Poland, 2000

Boekelman, R. Development of fresh water lenses
Ardau, F., Barbieri, G. Aquifer configuration and possible causes of salinisation in the Muravera plain (SE Sardinia, Italy)
Bakker, M. Simple groundwater flow models for seawater intrusion
Barrocu, G., Ranieri, G. TDEM: a useful tool for identifying and monitoring the fresh-saltwater interface
Bouzouf, B., Ouazar, D, Himi, M. & Casas, A. Salt water modeling and simulation of Llobregat Delta Aquifer
Dominguez P., Custodio, E. Seawater intrusion in the NE of the Campo de Dalias carbonate aquifer, Almeria Spain
Oude Essink, G. H. P. Density dependent groundwater at the island of Texel, the Netherlands
Grube, A. Widespread geogenic salt water occurrence in North Germany - demonstrated on the basis of a generalized map
Gorski, J., Ghodeif, K. Salinization of shallow water aquifer in el-Qaa coastal plain, Sinai, Egypt
Groen, J., Kooi, H., Post, V. & De Vries, J.J. Fresh and moderately brackish groundwaters in coastal plains and continental shelves: past and ongoing natural process
Herrera, C., Custodio, E. Saline water in central Fuerteventura Island, Cnary Islands, Spain
Krawiec, A., Rubel, A., Sadurski, A., Weise, S.M. & Zuber, A. Preliminary hydrochemical, isotope, and noble gas investigations on the origin of salinity in coastal aquifers of Western Pomerania, Poland
Klinge, H., Rubel, A., Suckow, A. & Beushausen, M. Isotope hydrological studies on the salt water flow above the Gorleben salt dome
Koesters, E., Vogel, P. & Schelkes, K. A palaeohydrological approach to regional density-dependent groundwater modeling: A case study in Northern Germany
Mushtaha, A., Aliewi, A. & Mackay, R. The use of scavenger wells to control saltwater upconing in Gaza Palestine
Olsthoorn, T. N. Brackish-saline water movement in the southern part of the Amsterdam Dune Water Area 1925-2025
Post, V.E.A., Hooijboer, E.J., Groen, J., Gieske, J.M.J., Kooi, H. Pore water chemistry of clay layers in the southern North Sea: clues to the hydrogeological evolution of coastal areas
Vandenbohede, A. & Lebbe, L. Water quality distribution in the eastern coastal plain of Belgium: influence of intercalated peat beds
Van Meir, N., Lebbe, L., Oude Essink, G. H. P. Sensitivity analyses of a pumping test in a salt-water aquifer 1: concentration changes
Lebbe, L. & Van Meir, N. Sensitivity analyses of pumping test > > in a salt-fresh water aquifer 2: drawdown and joint confidence regions
Walraevens, K., Clays, S., Hermans, A. & Van Camp, M. Hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical investigation of the dune area and adjacent low polders at Wenduine-Uitkerke, Flemish Coastal Plain
Kwaterkiewicz, A., Sadurski, A., Zuber, A. Origin of salinity in coastal aquifers of Leba region as indicated by environmental isotopes
Schneider, A., Modeling density-dependent groundwater movement in large, hydrogeologically complex regions
Zuber, A., Sadurski, A., Weise, S.M., Ruebel, A., Osenbruekc, K., Grabczak, J. Isotope and noble gas data of the Gdansk Cretaceous aquifer, Northern Poland