Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 18th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Cartagena, Spain, 2004

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Topic 1 - Hydrodynamics of saline water intrusion

S.-H. Hong, H.-D. Kim, N. Kumar, J.-H. Kim, N. Park Experimental investigations on groundwater flow in coastal aquifers
L.H. Motz Representing the saltwater-freshwater interfacein regional groundwater flow models
M.J. Simpson and T.P.Clement Testing numerical models of variable density ground waterflow: Current trends and the renaissance of the Henry problem
E. Abarca, J. Carrera, R.Held, X.Sanchez-Vila, M.Dentz, W.Kinzelbach and E.Vazquez-Sune Effective dispersion in seawater intrusion through heterogeneous aquifers
C. Baujard and D. Bruel A multiphase flow model in a discrete fracture network:formulation and simulation example
S.-H. Hong, S.-H.Sung, S.-K. Bae and N. Park Verification and validation of an optimization model for groundwater development in coastal areas

Topic 2 - Modelling of saline water intrusion

E. Sanz and C.I. Voss Inverse modeling for coastal seawater intrusion:parameter sensitivities, variances,correlations and estimation in noiseless theoretical problems
D. Thiery Saltwater intrusion modelling with an efficient multiphase approach: theory and several field applications
J.J. Hidalgo, L.J. Slooten, A. Medina and J. Carrera A Newton-Raphson based code for seawater intrusion modelling and parameter estimation
M. Bakker, F. Schaars and D. Borden Modeling coastal aquifers with the sea water intrusion (SWI) package for MODFLOW2000
A. Schneider and E. Fein Modelling density-driven flow using d3f
M. van Camp and K. Walraevens Direct groundwater discharge to the North Sea. A case study for the western Belgian coast
A. Yakirevich, M. Kuznetsov, S. Sorek and I. Mamiyeva Simulating artificial lenses of fresh groundwater in desert conditions
Y. Shibuo, J. Jarsjo and G. Destouni Modeling groundwater - seawater interactions in the Aral sea region
A. Soto Meca, S.A. Gomez-Lopera, F. Alhama and C.F. Gonzalez-Fernandez A new simple model to numerically simulate refreshing processes in saline aquifers
A. Grube and B. Lotz Geological and numerical modeling of geogenic salinization in the area of the Lubeck basin (north Germany)
A. Vandenbohede and L. Lebbe Density dependent groundwater flow model of the shore and dune area of the Westhoek nature reserve (Belgium)
A. Vandenbohede, T. Linster and L. Lebbe Modelling of density dependent groundwater flow in the south-western Belgian coastal plain
K. Qahman and A. Larabi Three dimensional numerical models of seawater intrusion in the Gaza aquifer, Palestine
K. Walraevens, K. Martens, M. Coetsiers and M. van Camp Evaluation of the groundwater catchment potential in the vicinity of the De Cloedt pit at Knokke, in the eastern coastal plain of Belgium
G. Barrocu, P. Cau, S. Soddu and G. Uras Predicting groundwater salinity changes in the coastal aquifer of Arborea (central-western Sardinia)

Topic 3 - Geological and hydrogeological aspects ofsaline water intrusion

B. Aunay, C. Duvail, P. Le Strat, N. Dorfliger, P. Lachassagne and S. Pistre Importance of a high resolution lithological and geometrical knowledge for Mediterranean coastal sedimentary aquifers management. Application to the Roussillon basin, South of France
M. Fidelibus, F. Caporale and G. Spilotro Studies on different kinds of salinisation in the ground waters of the Ionian coastal plain of the Basilicata region
N. van Meir, D. Jaeggi, M. Herfort, S. Loew, PH. Pezard, PH. Gouze and G. Lods Development of a european test site in a coastal reefal limestone aquifer at campos (Mallorca, Spain)
E. Kruse, P. Laurencena, L. Varela, A. Rojo and M. Deluchi Hydrological characterization of the brackish - fresh waterrelationship in different morphological environments of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
S. Lee Investigation of seawater intrusion in coastal karst limestone aquifers, Cape range, NW Australia

Topic 4 - Geophysics in the study of saline water intrusion

M. Goldman and U. Kafri The use of the time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) method to evaluate porosity of saline water saturated aquifers
E. Aracil-Avila, U. Maruri Brouard, J. Valles Iriso, J.A. Porres Benito, A.B. Espinosa Gonzalez, S. Ibanez Garcia and P. Martinez Pagan Electrical resistivity tomography as a technique for studying and modelling saline water intrusion
K. Martens, M. van Camp and K. Walraevens Electromagnetic induction method to characterize the reference situation of fresh-salt water distribution at the area of the Deurganck dock, Antwerp, Belgium
K. Martens and K. Walraevens Investigation of salt water intrusion by geophysical measurements
E. Di Sipio, A. Galgaro, G.M. Zuppi, P. Zangheri Detecting the origin of salt-water contamination in groundwater in a lagoon area by the combined use ofgeophysical and geochemical tools: the example of the southern Venice lagoon mainland
E. Martinho, F. Almeida, M.J. Senos Matias Time-domain induced polarization in the determination of the salt/freshwater interface (Aveiro - Portugal)
E. Falgas, J. Ledo, T. Teixido, A. Gabas, F. Ribera, C. Arango, P. Queralt, J.L. Plata, F.M. Rubio, J.A. Pena, A. Marti, A. Marcuello Geophysical characterization of a mediterranean coastal aquifer: The Baixa Tordera fluvio-deltaic aquifer unit (Barcelona, NE Spain)
D.V. Fitterman and M. Deszcz-Pan Characterization of saltwater intrusion in South Florida using electromagnetic geophysical methods
U. Noell and B. Panteleit Geophysical detection and hydrochemical analysis of an isolated shallow salt water body near Cuxhaven, lower Saxony, Germany
J.L. Plata and F.M. Rubio Study of the salt water - fresh water interface in environments of low resistivity: Donana aquifer (Spain)

Topic 5 - Hydrochemical and isotopic aspects of saline water intrusion

K. Walraevens and M. van Camp Advances in understanding natural groundwater quality controls in coastal aquifers
K. Voudouris, D. Mandilaras and A. Antonakos Methods to define the areal distribution of the salt intrusion: Examples from south Greece
F.J. Alcala and E. Custodio Use of the Cl/Br ratio as a tracer to identify the origin of salinity in some coastal aquifers of Spain
M. Coetsiers, M. van Camp and K. Walraevens Influence of the former marine conditions on groundwater quality in the Neogene phreatic aquifer, Flanders
N. Boluda-Botella, V. Gomis-Yagues, F. Ruiz-Bevia and M-.D. Saquete-Ferrandiz Gypsum precipitation/dissolution during seawater intrusion
K. Burzynski, A.Krawiec and A. Sadurski The origin and mobilization of deep brines to the aquifer system by considering the circulation systems existing on the Polish western coast of the Baltic sea
R. Fransson, K.M Persson, B. Leander and O. Andersson Saltwater distribution in the bedrock of southwest Scania
L.J. Lambon and R. Aragon Influence of intensive exploitation on groundwater salinity: The Quibas hydrogeological unit (Murcia, SE Spain)
Z. Kattan and H. Najjar Groundwater salinity in the Khabour-Euphrates down-streams valleys
D.E. Martinez, H.E. Massone and E.M. Bocanegra Groundwater salinization in the harbour area graben in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Hydrogeochemical perspective

Topic 6 - Management of coastal aquifers

E. Custodio Myths about seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers
A. Scheidleder J. Grath and H. Lindinger The European environment agency indicator-based reporting about 'Saltwater intrusion due to groundwater over-exploitation'
G.H.P. Oude Essink, V.E.A. Post, M.J.M. Kuijper and B. Minnema Land subsidence and sea level rise threaten the coastal aquifer of Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
J.W. Kooiman, P.J. Stuyfzand, C. Maas and J.W.N.M. Kappelhof Pumping brackish groundwater to prepare drinking water and keep salinizing wells fresh: A feasibility study
L. Lakfifi, A. Larabi, M. Bziou, M. Benbibai and A. Lahmouri Regional model for seawater intrusion in the Chaouia coastal aquifer (Morocco)
M. Rangel-Medina, R. Monreal, S.I. Minjarez, L. De La Cruz and L. Oroz The saline intrusion in the Costa de Hermosillo aquifer in Sonora, Mexico; a challenge to restore

Topic 7 - Case studies

P.J. Stuyfzand, W.J. de Lange and J.A. Zindler Recognition,dating and genesis of fresh and brackishgroundwaters in the Hollandsch Diep estuary in the compound Rhine-Meuse delta
J. Heredia, L. Araguas-Araguas, J.M. Ruiz Use of environmental tracers to characterize a complex hydrogeological system under variable density conditions: Case of the subsurface brine of Fuente de Piedra (SW Spain)
E. vazquez-Sune, E. Abarca, J. Carrera, B. Capino, D.Gamez, M. Pool, T. Simo, A. Nogues, A. Casamitjana, J. Ninerola, X. Ibanez and L.Gode Groundwater flow and saltwater intrusion modeling of the low valley and Llobregat delta aquifers
S. V. N. Rao, S.M. Saheb and K.S. Ramasastri Aquifer restoration from seawater intrusion: A preliminary field scale study of the Minjur aquifer system, north of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
J.J.S.P. Cabral, S.M.G.L. Montenegro, A.L.R. Paiva and V.P. Farias Groundwater salinization in the central region of Recife (Brazil) due to brackish water in Capibaribe river at high tide
V. Ferrara and G. Pappalardo Sea water intrusion in the coastal aquifers of south-eastern Sicily (Italy)
T. Rodriguez Estrella Decisive influence of neotectonics on the water connection between the Mediterranean sea, Mar Menor and the Campo de Cartagena aquifers (south-east of Spain)

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