Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Abstracts of the 18th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Cartagena, Spain, 2004

Invited presentations

Cheng, A. Pumping Optimization in Coastal Aquifers.
Walraevens, K. Advances in understanding groundwater quality natural controls in coastal aquifers.

Topic 1: Understanding saline water hydrodynamics in aquifers (theoretical and numerical aspects)

Bakker, M.; Schaars, F.; Borden,D. Modeling coastal aquifers with the sea water intrusion package for MODFLOW
Hidalgo, J.J.; Slooten, L.J.; Medina, A.; Carrera, J. A Newton-Raphson based code for seawater modelling and parameter estimation
Lazar, A.; Gvirtzman, H.; Yechieli, Y. Freshwater-salinewater interface fluctuations in coastal aquifers due to sea-tide.
Motz, L.H. Representing the saltwater-freshwater interface in regional groundwater flow models.
Park,N.; Bhopanam, N.K. Hong, S.H. Sand-tank experimental studies on saltwater intrusion phenomena.
Simpson, M.J.; Clement, T.P. Novel methods for benchmarking density-coupled groundwater flow problems.
Van Meir, N.Jaeggi, D.; Herfort, M.; Lıw, S.; Lods, G.; Pızard, Ph.; Gouze, Ph. Development of a test site for the investigation of salt water intrusion processes in a karstified limestone aquifer (Campos Mallorca, Spain).
Voudouris, K.; Mandilaras, D.; Antonakos A. Methods to define the surface distribution of the salt intrusion zone.
Shim, B.O.; Sung, I.H.; Chung, S.Y. Hydrogeologic parameter estimation by the application of tidal effect in a confined fractured rock aquifer of a coastal area, Korea.
Romero, P.; Elorza, F.J.; Murillo, J.M.; Hornero, J. Fluid-density-dependent hydrogeological model of the Cabo Roig aquifer.
Santoro, D.; Santoro, O.; Tulipano, L.; Fidelibus, M.D. Estimating specific capacity from groundwater level autocorrelation function: a case-study in the Murgia karst coastal aquifer (Southern Italy)
Shibuo, Y.; Jarsjı, J.; Destouni, G. Modelling groundwater-seawater interactions in the Aral Sea Region.

Topic 2: Hydrogeochemical and isotopical methods to study the origin and dynamics of saline groundwater.

Andersson, O.; Leander, B.; Persson, K. M. Saltwater distribution in the bedrock of south-west Scania. (Presenter: Rosanna Fransson).
Di Sipio, E.; Galgaro, A.; Rapaglia, J.; Zuppi, G. M. Evolution of groundwater in a lagoon area depicted by the combined use of geophysical and geochemical tools: the example of the southern Venice Lagoon mainland.
Carrillo-Rivera, R.; Cardona, A.; Huizar-Alvarez, R.; Graniel-Castro, E. Is seawater intrusion in an arid zone coastal aquifer developed for agriculture important? An example from Santo Domingo, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Coetsiers, M.; Walraevens, K. Influence of the former marine conditions on groundwater quality in the Neogene phreatic aquifer, Flandres.
De Luca, A.; Preziosi, E.; Giuliano, G.; Mastroianni, D.; Falconi, F. First evaluation of the saltwater intrusion in the Tiber delta area (Rome, Central Italy).
Rezaei, M.; Sanz, E.; Raeisi, E.; Vızquez, E.; Ayora, C.; Carrera, J. Simulation of dissolution in the salt water mixing zone of carbonate aquifers.
Stuyfzand, P. J.; De Lange, W.J. Recognition, dating and genesis of fresh and brackish groundwaters in the Rhine-Meuse estuary.
Alcalı, F.J.; Custodio, E. Use of the Cl/Br ratio as tracer to identify the origin of salinity in some Spanish coastal aquifers.
Araguıs, L.; Maldonado, S.; Cepeda, H. geochemical evolution and groundwater dynamics in the Guayas aquifer, Ecuador.
Benavente, J.; Hidalgo, M.C.; Carrasco, F. Flood recharge in a small Mediterranean alluvial coastal aquifer and its influence on seasonal seawater intrusion (Rio Verde, Granada, Spain)
Boluda, N.; Gomis, V.; Ruiz-Beviı, F.; Saquete, M. Gypsum precipitation/dissolution during sea water intrusion.
Burzynski, K.; Sadurski, A.; Krawiec, A. The origin of groundwater in the light of circulation systems at the Polish western coast of the Baltic Sea.
Lambın, L.J.; Aragın, R. Influence of overpumping on the quality of groundwater in the Quibas hydrogeological unit.
Qurtobi, M.; Bouchaou, L.; Ibn Majah, M.; Marah, H.; Gaye, C.B.; Michelot, J.L. Origin of salinity and its impact on fresh groundwater resources in the Souss-Massa Basin in the south-west of Morocco: optimization of isotopic techniques.
Sharma, S.K. Health hazards due to salinity intrusions in coastal aquifers of India.
Vitoria, L.; Soler, A.; Canals, A. Multi-isotopic approach ( 15N, 34S, 18O and D) for tracing agriculture contamination and seawater intrusion in the Maresme region (NE Spain).

Topic 3: Geophysical methods to characterize the distribution and dynamics of saline groundwater

Teixidı, T.; Martınez, P. Geophysical features of standard well logging curves in deltaic marine intrusions.
Martens, K.; Walraevens, K. Electromagnetic induction method to characterize the fresh-salt water distribution reference situation at the area of the Deurganck Dock, Antwerp, Belgium.
Martinho, E.; Almeida, F.; Senos, M.J. Time domain induced polarization in determination of the salt/freshwater interface (Aveiro - Portugal)
Noell, U.; Panteleit, B. On the use of geophysical measurements for the detection of perched saline aquifers.
Aracil, E.; Maruri, U.; Vallıs, J.; Porres, J.A.; Ibaıız, S.; Martınez-Pagın, P. Electrical tomography applied to the sea water intrusion study and modelling.
Casas, A.; Himi, M.; Tapias, J.M.; Ranieri, G.; Mota, R. Mapping saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers by electrical imaging using different arrays: a comparative study.
Falgıs, E.; Ledo, J.; Teixido, T.; Gabıs, A.; Ribera, F.; Queralt, P.; Plata, J.L.; Rubio, F.M.; Peıa, J.A.; Martı, A.; Marcuello, A. Geophysical characterization of a Mediterranean costal aquifer: Baixa Tordera fluvial deltaic aquifer unit.
Fitterman, D. V.; Deszcz-Pan, M. Characterization of saltwater intrusion in South Florida using electromagnetic geophysical methods.
Goldman, M.; Kafri, U. The use of the Time Domain Electromagnetic Method (TDEM) to evaluate porosity of saline water saturated aquifers.
Himi, M.; El Mabrouki, K.; Garcıa-Arıstegui, J.L.; Calabrıs, C.; Casas, A.; Benavente, J. Combined geophysical and geochemical characterization of the saltwater intrusion in the Rio Vılez aquifer.
Martens, K.; Walraevens, K. Investigation of salt water intrusion by geophysical measurements.
Panteleit, B.; Noell, U. Geophysical Detection and Hydrochemical Analysis of an Isolated Shallow Salt Water Body near Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony, Germany.
Plata, J.L.; Rubio, F.M. Study of the salt water - fresh water interface in environments of low resistivity: Doıana aquifer (Spain).
Cosentino, P. L.; Martorana, R.; Pellerito, S. Advancing of geophysical studies for monitoring of salt intrusion in the south-western coast of Sicily.

Topic 4: New approaches on modelling (general methods and solution of real cases).

Amaziane, B.; Cheng, A.H.; Naji, A.; Ouazar, D. Stochastic optimal pumping under no-intrusion constraints in coastal aquifers.
Isikli,Y.; Karahanoglu, N. Quasi three dimensional modeling of seawater intrusion into a coastal aquifer, Kocaeli-Darica, Turkey.
Hamza, K.I. Numerical analysis of saltwater upconing below a pumping well.
Soto, A.; Gımez-Lopera, S.A.; Alhama, F.; Gonzılez-Fernındez, C.F. A new simple model to numerically simulate refreshing processes in saline aquifers.
Bruel, D.; Baujard, C. A two phase flow method for the modelling of hydraulic tests into a deep fractured rock mass with a natural brine as formation fluid.
Grube, A.; Lotz, B. Geological and numerical modeling of geogenic salinization in the area of the Lıbeck basin (North Germany).
Voss, C.I.; Simmons, C.T.; Weatherhill, D.; Robinson, N.I. Analytical expressions as benchmarks for unstable convection in two- and three-dimensional variable-density ground-water flow simulators.
Ouazar, D.; Sekkouri, I.H. Intelligent spatial data preparation system for groundwater modelling.
Oude Essink, G.; Minnema, B.; Kuijper, M.; Post, V. Land subsidence and sea level rise threaten the coastal aquifer of Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands.
Sanz, E.; Voss, C. Inverse modeling for seawater intrusion simulations: parameter sensitivities and estimation capabilities.
Schneider, A. Modelling density driven flow using d3f.
Vandenbohede, A.; Lebbe, L. Density dependent groundwater flow model of the shore and dune area of the Westhoek nature reserve (Belgium).
Vaindenbohede, A.; Linster, T.; Lebbe, L. Modelling of density dependent groundwater flow in the south-western Belgian coastal plain.
Thiery, D. Salt water intrusion modelling with a new multiphase approach. Theory and several field applications.

Topic 5: Management of aquifers with groundwater. Salinization prevention, control and remediation

Gımez-Gımez, J.D.; Lıpez-Geta, J.A. Role and problems of coastal aquifers in the Mediterranean basin.
Lobo de Pina, A.; Mota, A.; Condesso de Melo, M.T.; Marques da Silva, M.A. The impact of salt water intrusion on groundwater quality and on the social and economical development of the Santiago island (Cape Verde).
Narasimha Rao, K.L.; Babu Rao, P. Salinization of coastal fresh water aquifers of Andhra Pradesh, India.
Qahman, K.; Larabi, A. Three dimensional numerical models of seawater intrusion in Gaza aquifer, Palestine.
Rao, S.V.N.; Saheb, S.M.; Ramasastri, K.S.
Aquifer restoration from seawater intrusion: a field-scale study of Minjur aquifer system ı North of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Tujchneider, O.; Pırez, M.; Paris, M.; D'Elia, M. Salt water vertical upward intrusion due to intensive exploitation. Santa Fe. Argentina.
Aureli, A.; Carrubba, S.; Cusimano, G.; Di Pasquale, M.; Mazzurco, N.; Privitera, A.M.G.; Silluzio, C.; Tosto, S.; Zingale, V. Interventions in order to remediate for the seawater intrusion in an area already affected by pollution from hydrocarbons.
Barrocu, G.; Cau, P.; Muscas, L.; Soddu, S.; Uras, G. Predicting groundwater salinity changes in the coastal aquifer of Arborea (Central-Western Sardinia).
Bhattacharjya, R.K.; Datta, B. An ANN-GA approach for solving saltwater intrusion management problems in coastal aquifers.
Bocanegra, E. M.; Massone, H.E. Exploitation of coastal aquifers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Problems and solutions.
Custodio, E. Myths about seawater intrusion into coastal aquifers.
El-Fahem, T.; Siegfried, T.; Kinzelbach, W.; Peiffer, S.; Ben Baccar, B. Isotopic and hydrochemical investigation in the origins of groundwater salinisation in the Nefzauoa Oases (southern Tunisia).
Gutiırrez-Ojeda, C.; Gallardo, P.; Gonzılez-Hita, L.; Arteaga, L.M. Saline interface modeling of the Yucatan Peninsula aquifer.
Hong, S-h.; Park, N.; Bhopanam, N-k.; Han, S-y. Verification of optimal model of coastal pumping with sand-tank experiment.
Lakfifi, A.; Larabi, A.; Bzioui, M.; Benbiba, M.; Lahmouri, A. Regional model for seawater intrusion in the Chaouia coastal aquifer (Morocco).
Scheidleder, A.; Grath, J.; Lindinger, H. Saltwater intrusion due to groundwater over-exploitation ı EEA inventory throughout Europe.
Stuyfzand, P. J.; Maas, K.; Kappelhof, J.; Kooiman, J. W. Pumping brackish groundwater to prepare drinking water and keep salinized wells fresh.
Van Camp, M.; Walraevens, K. Impact of global change on the fresh groundwater discharge into the North sea.
Yakirevich, A.; Kuznetsov, M.; Sorek, S.; Mamieva, I. Simulating artificial lenses of fresh ground water in desert conditions.

Topic 6: Selected case studies

Arzani, N. Facies and water controlled interstratal karstic dissolution, a case study from carbonate aquifers of Abarkoh, Central Iran.
Aunay, B.; Duvail, C.; Le Strat, P.; Dırfliger, N.; Lachassagne, P.; Pistre, S.; Sıranne, M. Importance of a high resolution lithological and geometric knowledge for Mediterranean coastal sedimentary aquifers management.
Cabral, J.S.P.; Montenegro, S. M. G. L.; Paiva, A.L.R; Farias, V.P. Groundwater Salinization in Central Region of Recife (Brazil) due to brackish water in Capibaribe river at high tide.
Cortıs, J.M.; Antoranz, A.; Ratsimandresy, A.; Cabrera, M.C.; Serrano, V.; Mateu, J. The seawater intrusion in the Moraig-Toix cave system. (Marina Alta, Alicante, Spain)
Ferrara, V.; Pappalardo, G. Evolution of sea water intrusion in the coastal aquifers of South-Eastern Sicily (Italy).
Heredia, J.; Araguıs, L.; Ruiz, J.M. Delineation of groundwater dynamics and flow patterns under variable density conditions: case of the subsurface brine of Fuente de Piedra (SW Spain).
Ben Kabbour, B.; Toto, E.A. Assessing and monitoring groundwater quality in two coastal aquifers of Morocco.
Kattan, Z.; Najjar, H. Groundwater salinity in the Khabour-Euphrates down-streams Valleys.
Kruse, E.; Laurencena, P.; Varela, L.; Rojo, A.; Deluchi, M. Hydrological characterization of the brackish - fresh water relationships in different morphological environments of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lecca, G.; Cau, P.; Ardau, F. Modeling study of the seawater intrusion in the Muravera coastal plain (SE Sardinia, Italy).
Lee, S. Investigation of seawater intrusion in coastal plain and karst hinterland aquifers of Cape Range, Northwestern Australia.
Lıpez-Garcıa, J.M.; Mateos-Ruiz, R. Structural control of geothermal anomalies and sea-water intrusion in both Llucmajor platform and Campos basin (Majorca).
Marques da Silva, M.A.; Condesso de Melo, M. T. Salt water intrusion in the Aveiro Cretaceous aquifer. A reality, a myth or just a risk?
Martınez-Santos, P.; Martınez-Alfaro, P. E.; Hornero, J.; Aragın, R.; Murillo, J. M. Preliminary assessment of seawater intrusion upon the Torrevieja aquifer by means of a variable density 3D model.
Nıjera, J.; Rodriguez-Torres, R.; Ortiz-Vardez, J.G. The sophism about sea water intrusion along the Sonora state coastal region, Mexico. (Presenter: Evangelina Nıjera).
Rodrıguez-Estrella, T. Neotectonic decisive influence on the hydraulic connection between the Mediterranean Sea, the Mar Menor coastal lagoon and the Campo de Cartagena aquifers (SE Spain): consequences on extracting sea water by means of borings for desalination.
Steensma, G.; Dottridge,J.; Hardisty, P. Geophysical delineation and groundwater modeling of saltwater intrusion in the Republic of Yemen.
Vallejos, A.; Pulido, A.; Gisbert, J. Monitoring saltwater intrusion in a karstic aquifer.
Walraevens, K.; Martens, K.; Van Camp, M. Evaluation of the groundwater catchment potential in the vicinity of the "De Cloedt" pit a knokke, in the Eastern coastal Plain of Belgium.
Caporale, F.; Fidelibus, M.; Spilotro, G. Kinds of groundwater salinization in the Ionian coastal plane of the Basilicata region.
Cardona, A.; Carrillo-Rivera, J.J.; Hergt, T. Relic seawater abstracted in Los Planes Basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Condesso de Melo, M. T.; Marques da Silva, M .A.; Cabano, G.A. Study of the salinization processes affecting the baseline groundwater quality in the Aveiro Quaternary coastal aquifer (Portugal).
Fakir, Y.; Razack, M. Hydrodynamical and hydrochemical survey of a Sahelian aquifer system (Morocco).
Grassi, D.; Grimaldi, S.; Simeone, V. Predisposing and determinant causes of the salt contamination of Apulia karst groundwater aquifers.
Martınez, D. E.; Massone, H.E.; Bocanegra, E.M. Groundwater salinization in the Harbor Area Graben in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Hydrogeochemical perspective.
Milenic, D.; Allen, A. Brackish water intrusion problems in Cork city and harbor, SW Ireland.
Rangel-Medina, M.; Monreal, R.; Minjarez, I.; De la Cruz, L. The saline intrusion in the Costa de Hermosillo aquifer in Sonora, Mexico a challenge to restore.
Vızquez-Suıı, E.; Abarca, E.; Noguıs, A.; Capino, B.; Casamitjana, A.; Gımez, D.; Carrera, J. Groundwater flow and saltwater intrusion modelling of the low valley and Llobregat delta aquifers.
Weaver, J. A narrow coastal aquifer at Fregare Island, Seychelles.
Yechieli, Y.; Lyakhovsky, V.; Kafri, U. Effects of base (lake) level changes on related groundwater systems ı case study of the Dead Sea.