Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 19th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Cagliari, Italy, 2006

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Remembrance Jan van Dam

Session 1 Modeling case studies

D.M. Allen and E. Liteanu Long-term Dynamics of the Saltwater- Freshwater Interface on the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada
J. Kerrou, G. Lecca, P. Renard and J. Tarhouni Uncertainty in exploitation rates and numerical modeling of its impact on seawater intrusion in the Korba aquifer (TUNISIA)
M. Johansson, S. Widing, B. Leander and K.M. Persson Groundwater model, Mike She, of the salt water distribution in Alnarpsströmmen, southern Sweden
M. Bonte and A. Biesheuvel The application of the SEAWAT variable density code for the Lake Wieringen project, the Netherlands

Modelling to elucidate processes

M.B. Hogan, R.R. Goswami, K.G. Villholth, T.H. Illangasekare and T.P. Clement Understanding the Flow and Mixing Dynamics of Saline Water Discharged into Coastal Freshwater Aquifers
A. Vandenbohede and L. Lebbe Interaction of the tides and the shore on the Belgian western coast

Human impacts causing seawater intrusion

S. Esca, L. Venturini Hydrogeological impact of wellpoint dewatering upon unconfined coastal aquifer of the municipality of Cervia (Ravenna – Italy)
S.M. Gico Montenegro, A.A. de A. Montenegro, J.J.S.P. Cabral, G. Cavalcanti Intensive exploitation and groundwater salinity in Recife coastal plain (Brazil): monitoring and management perspectives

Modelling techniques

L.H. Motz and A. Sedighi Approximating the Effects of the Saltwater-Freshwater Interface in a Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow Model
A. Soto Meca, F. Alhama and C.F. González-FernándezTransient simulation of a real 2-D aquifer by network method
Kuznetsov, A. Yakirevich and S. Sorek Extraction Simulations of Fresh Groundwater Artificial Lenses
P. Cau and S. Manca The Datacrossing DSS: a data-GRID web based approach to groundwater modelling

Intrusion in karst aquifers

M. Polemio, V. Dragone and P.P. Limoni Salt contamination of Apulian aquifers: spatial and time trend
B. Arfib, T. Cavalera and E. Gilli Reach the hydraulic functioning of a coastal karstic aquifer with a conduit-matrix model

Intrusion in sedimentary aquifers

E.M. Bocanegra, H.E. Massone, J.L. Cionchi and D.E. Martínez Integrated management of the coastal aquifer in Mar del Plata, Argentina
D.J. Kelly Development of Seawater Intrusion Protection Regulations
A. Kok Salinization above sea level on the Dutch Wadden Islands
P.J. Stuyfzand and R.J. Stuurman Origin, distribution and chemical mass balances of non-anthropogenic, brackish and (hyper)saline groundwaters in the Netherlands
M. Sodde and G. Barrocu Seawater intrusion and heavy metal contamination in the alluvial plain of Quirra and Flumini Pisale rivers, South-Eastern Sardinia
G. Barrocu and S. Soddu Saltwater intrusion in the Arborea area (central-western Sardinia)
M. Manzano, E. Custodio and H.H. Loosli Pleistocene saline groundwater in the Doñana aquifer system (SW Spain)
E. Di Sipio, A. Galgaro, J. Rapaglia and G.M. Zuppi Salt water contamination on Venice Lagoon mainland: new evaluation of origin, extension and dynamics
S.A. Bablani and S.A. Soomro Evaluation of seawater intrusions in left bank sediments of coastal district Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan.
V. de Montety, O. Radakovitch, C. Vallet-Coulomb, B. Blavoux and D. Hermitte The use of natural tracers to highlight seawater intrusion in the confined coastal aquifer of the Rhône Delta
C. Myriounis, K. Voudouris, P. Tsourlos, G. Soulios and G. Dimopoulos Hydrochemical and geophysical survey of the Almyros aquifer system, East Central Greece
E. Milnes, C. Meilhac, D. Yeo, P. Renard, D. Hunkeler, P. Schnegg and F. Bourret Hydrogeochemical and hydrogeological investigation in the Akrotiri aquifer: identification of multiple salinisation processes and implementation criteria for monitoring networks
A. Vandenbohede, L. Lebbe, S. Gysens and P. De Wolf Infiltration of salt water in artificial sea inlets in the Belgian dune area

Submarine groundwater discharge

C. Spiteri, C.P. Slomp, K. Tuncay and C. Meile Modeling biogeochemical processes in subterranean estuaries: The effect of flow dynamics and redox conditions on submarine groundwater discharge

Intrusion barriers

M. J. Barcelona, M. Kim, and C. Masciopinto and R. La Mantia A Gypsum-Barrier Design to Stop Seawater Intrusion in a Fractured Aquifer at Salento (Southern Italy)
D. Labregère, J. P. Delhomme and A. Priestley Mitigating salt water advance using horizontal wells: risk based comparison of different approaches.


Duque-Calvache C., Calvache M.L., Pedrera A., Hódar A., López Chicano M., Martín Rosales W, González A., Rubio J.C. Characteristics of the fresh water-salt water contact in the Motril-Salobreña aquifer (Southern Spain) using time domain electromagnetic soundings
S.H. Song, G.S. Lee, J.S. Kim, B. Seong, Y.G. Kim, M.H. Woo and N. Park Electrical Resistivity Survey for Delineating Seawater Intrusion in a Coastal Aquifer
F. Trabelsi, A. Ben Mammou, J. Tarhouni, C. Piga, G.P. Deidda and G. Ranieri Salt Water intrusion characterisation in the Coastal Aquifer of Nabeul Hammamet Using Geophysical Methods
J.C. Comte and Olivier Banton Modelling of Seawater Intrusion in the Magdalen Islands (Québec, Canada)