Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 22th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2012


G.C. da Silva Jr, S. Montenegro.

Keynote Lectures

E. Custodio Coastal aquifer management in Europe and Ibero-America
K. Walraevens, K. van de Casteele, M. van Camp, K. Martens, G. Ziegenbalg Crystallisation technologies for prevention of salt water intrusion: Laboratory experiments for feasibility testing
G. Oude Essink, J. Delsman, P. Pauw, P. de Louw, E. van Baaren, M.F. Sanchez Local climate proof fresh groundwater supply: An adaption water management strategy with impact?
L. Lebbe, R. Adams, E. de Deckere Modeling of historical evolution of salt water distribution on the right bank of the Scheldt in the Antwerp Harbor
M. Polemio, A. Romanazzi Modelling and groundwater management of a karstic coastal aquifer: The case of Salento (Apulia, Italy)
S. Sorek, V. Borisov Modified Eulerian - Lagrangian method for density driven flow regime
M. de Melo, T. Condesso, A. van den Boehde Using Geochemical and Modeling Tools to Determine Salinity Evolution in the Aveiro Cretaceous Aquifer (Portugal)
C.I. Voss Using Groundwater Models for Coastal Management: Why Simple Modeling is Best

Effects of sea level rise and climate change over salt water interfaces

A. Werner, L.K. Morgan, K. Ivkovic, H. Carey and B. Sundaram Assessing seawater intrusion vulnerability at a national-scale using theoretically based vulnerability indicators
A.F. Costa Sobrinho, A.L.C Silva, J.J.S.P. Cabral, S.M.G.L. Montenegro, C.C. Freire, A.L.R. de Paiva Considerations on the Saline Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers of Maceió Given a Possible Rise in Sea Level
H. Sulzbacher, H. Wiederhold, B. Siemon, M. Grinat, T. Burschil and J. Igel1 Effects of climate change on the freshwater lens of the German North Sea Island of Borkum
H. Wiederhold, W. Scheer, R. Kirsch, T. Burschil and M. Lilienfein Effects of climate change to the groundwater body of the German North Sea Island of Föhr
K.L. Mansur, E. Guedes, G.C. Silva Jr, G. Cardoso and V. de Avelar Las Casas Rebelo Groundwater And Biodiversity: The Singular Case of The Mangue de Pedra, Armação dos Búzios, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
A.L.R. Paiva, J.J.S.P. Cabral, S.M.G.L. Montenegro, A.F. Costa Sobrinho, J.G.A Demétrio Groundwater Salinization Risk at Recife (Brazil) due to Climatic Changes
P. Rasmussen, T.O. Sonnenborg, K. Hinsby Impact of climate change and drainage ditches on saltwater intrusion towards a coastal well field
F. Larsen, Q.N. Pham, V.L. Tran, T.L. Tran, H. Hoang, K. Hinsby Processes controlling the presence of salty groundwater in the Red River flood plain
M. Herold, J. Yang, T. Graf, T. Ptak Saltwater Intrusion and Storm Surge Processes in Coastal Areas under Climate Change: A Modelling Study in Northern Germany

Geophysical methods to characterise the distribution and dynamics of saline groundwater

P.A. Pezard, H. Perroud, D. Rousset, N. Denchik, S. Gautier, J. Lofi, G. Henry. S. Barry, J.P. Bellot, D. Neyens A new downhole geophysical observatory for near-field monitoring and real-time salt water intrusion management.
G. Houben, U. Noell, C. Grissemann Exploration of a freshwater lens 900 km away from the ocean - the Benjamín Aceval aquifer, Chaco, Paraguay
J. Claus, L. Lebbe, K. Hinsby. Joint interpretation of geophysical borehole measurements and pumping tests for estimation of hydraulic conductivity
C. Anis, M. Tsujimura, A. Kawachi, H. Isoda, T. Jamila, W. Yamada, M. Takahashi, A. Faouzi Mapping of groundwater salinization using Time Domain Electromagnetic induction in a small coastal semi-arid aquifer in CapBon, northeastern of Tunisia
M. Hoogmoed, H.L.M. Rolf, F. Schaars, A. Kok, T.N. Olsthoorn. Mapping the fresh water body along the Dutch coast using an airborne time domain electromagnetic survey to secure the future drinking water supply
C. Duque, J. Kinnear, P. Engesgaard, A. Binley, K. Haider, T.O. Sonnenborg Study of the saltwater-freshwater interface with EM-31 and direct measurements: Implications for the freshwater discharge pattern to Ringkøbing Fjord (Denmark)

Hydrogeochemical and isotopic methods to study the origin and dynamics of saline groundwater

K. Hinsby, S. Jessen, F. Larsen, D. Postma A groundwater chemistry and multi-tracer study of sources of salt water intrusion - the Island of Falster, Denmark
Y. Yechieli, H. Lutzski, E. Magal, Y. Weinstein Direct measurement of groundwater flow velocity near the shoreline using chemical tracers
R. Ikawal, I. Machidal, M. Koshigai, S. Nishizaki, T. Uchidal, A. Maruil Estimation of origin for the water salinization in different aquifers at the coastal area.
T.C.B. Nossa L.R.B. Leal, M. do Rosário Zucchi, A.E.C de Azevedo Evaluation of Salinisation Processes Through Isotopic Analysis and Hydrochemistry of the Aquifer Karst Salitre, State of Bahia, Brazil
B.M.S Giambastiani, N. Colombani, M.D. Fidelibus, P. Severi, M. Mastrocicco Groundwater hypersalinization in a lowland coastal aquifer (Po River Plain, Italy)
S. Montenegro, R. Hirata, E. Petelet-Giraud, L. Cary How to face groundwater salinization and contamination under global environmental change in its societal context: Challenge Of water Quality in THE Urban Environment of Recife (Brazil)
P. Mollema, A. Antonellini, E. Dinelli, G. Gabbianelli, N. Greggio, P.J. Stuyfzand Hydrochemistry, stable isotopes and paleohydrology of the coastal aquifer near Ravenna (Italy).
L.A. de Lima, J. Menezes, G.C. da Silva Jr, P. de T.L. Menezes Hydrogeochemistry Characterization Of The Grondwater Coastal Aquifers In Tamoios District / Cabofrio- RJ
F. Sola, A. Vallejos, A Importance of Beach Wells Intakes for supplying reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants
P.J. Stuyfzand, F.W. Schaars, K.J. van der Made Multitracing the origin of brackish and saline groundwaters near a dune catchment area with beach nutrition (Monster, Netherlands)
O.V.O. Gomes, J.R. Aires, E.D. Marques, E.V. Silva-Filho Salinity Variations Of Itaboraí Sedimentary Aquifers
M. Polemio, P.P. Limoni, L.E. Zuffianò, F. Santaloia Santa Cesarea Thermal spring (South Italy)
M.F.B. Hamouda, P. Carreira, H. Eggenkamp, J.M. Marques Understanding the origin of salinization of the coastal aquifer of Sousse (Tunisia) using Geochemical and isotope investigations

Management of aquifers with saline groundwater. Salinization prevention, control and remediation

J. Michaelsen, G. Barkawitz, J. Kroeger, B. Panteleit,F. Skowronek A joint pilot project of Hamburg Geological Authority and HAMBURG WATER to mitigate geogenic salt water intrusion
C. Lu, A.D. Werner, N.I. Robinson, C.T. Simmons, J. Luo An injection-extraction well pair: a possible strategy to enhance groundwater withdrawal in coastal aquifers
J. Michaelsen, S. Kathmann, K. Radmann, C. Schlegel An innovative approach for sustainable groundwater extraction in nature reserves threatened by saltwater intrusion
J.T. de Lima, J.C. Guedes Jr, M.M. Souza, M.C. Barbosa Application of Eletrokinetic Barrier for Saline Water Intrusion: an approach for coastal aquifer management in Maceió-AL.
E.S. Van Baaren, P.G.B. de Louw, G.H.P. Oude Essink, P. Pauw, V. Harezlak Climate Proof Fresh Groundwater Supply in The Netherlands
G. Oude Essink, E. van Baaren, P. de Louw, M. Faneca-Sanchez How to determine a 'reliable' 3D fresh-brackish-saline distribution in data-rich coastal groundwater systems
W.R. Danskin Gaining the necessary geologic, hydrologic, and geochemical understanding for additional brackish groundwater development,coastal San Diego, California, USA
M. Hoogmoed , J.T. Buma, R. Caljé, G.J. Sissingh-Meijer Dry feet or drinking water? Resolution of the conflict between coastal defense and drinking water supply
N. Greggio, P. Mollema, M. Antonellini, D. Capo, G. Gabbianelli Effects of natural recharge and irrigation on groundwater salinity in a coastal unconfined aquifer, Lido di Dante, Ravenna, Italy.
Y. Mtoni, I.C. Mjemah, K. Walraevens Groundwater artificial recharge in Dar es Salaam coastal aquifer: a strategy for managing seawater intrusion
S.K. Sharma Influence Of Seawater Intrusion On Water Quality : A Case Study From India
P. Nienhuis, T. Olsthoorn Modelling AS(T)R in the Amsterdam Water Supply dunes to explore options to cope with future intake water shortages caused by climate change
B.M.S. Giambastiani, N. Colombani, M. Mastrocicco Multilevel characterization of vertical hydraulic gradients, permeability, temperature and salinity in shallow coastal aquifers with low pressure packers
K.G. Zuurbier, P.J. Stuyfzand Optimizing small- to medium-scale Aquifer Storage and Recovery in coastal aquifers for irrigation water supply
P.A.M. Fernandes, M. da G. Alves, G.C. da Silva Jr, J.L.E.D. Filho Preliminary evaluation of saline intrusion and salinity of groundwater in Municipality of Quissamã - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
M. da G. Alves, Z.M.P. Chrispim, G.C. da Silva Jr, C.L. Melo, E. Capucci, A.M. Martins Salinity Risk Groundwater Analysis in Rio de Janeiro State Northern Region RJ-Brazil
G. Barrocu Saltwater Intrusion In Coastal Aquifers And Integrated Water Resources Management
A. Vandenbohede, M. Antonellini, N. Greggio, P. Mollema, M. Pandolfini Temperature as tracer for surface water - groundwater interactions in the Ravenna coastal plain, Italy.
E.S. Van Baaren, B.T. Ottow, P.S. Pauw, R. Van Ek, P.G.B. De Louw The Water Farm
M. van Ginkel, T.N. Olsthoorn, B. des Tombe Using density difference to store fresh water in a saline aquifer
M.T. Condesso de Melo, V.E.A. Post, M.J. Waterloo, M.M.A. Groen The role of recharge and mixing processes to explain fresh water lens dynamics below a small island

New approaches on modelling (general methods and solution of real cases)

H.M. Nick, F. Centler, P, Regnier, M. Thullner, A hybrid FEFV reactive seawater intrusion model
P.S. Pauw, S.E.A.T.M. Van Der Zee, G.H.P. Oude Essink Beach groundwater overheight in regional groundwater flow studies
F.J.C. Smits, T.N. Olsthoorn, R.J. Caljé Calibration of a density dependent model of a system for aquifer thermal energy storage, based on the measured data of a heat injection system
D. Herckenrath, C. Duque-Calvache, V. Nenna, N.J. Odlum, R. Knight, P. Bauer-Gottwein Coupled Hydrogeophysical Inversion for a salt water intrusion model and Time-Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) data
T.N. Olsthoorn, P.N. Nienhuis Density flow modeling with mfLab, examples
K. Haider, P. Engesgaard, T.O. Sonnenborg, S. Jensen, C. Duque Identification and estimation of groundwater inflow into a brackish lagoon: Field observations and modeling of seasonal changes in discharge
E. Hamann, V. Post, C. Kohfah, H. Prommer Interrelation of brine reflux and mineral precipitation fronts in aquifers during natural evolution of salt lakes
P.S. Pauw, E. Van Baaren, M.F. Sanchez, M. Tangelder, M. Dedert, K. Troost Large-scale drainage measures to increase freshwater availability from fossil sandy creeks
J. Yang, T. Graf, M. Herold, T. Ptak Modelling of Saltwater Intrusion: A New Fully Coupled Surface-Subsurface Approach
R. Caljé, F.W. Schaars, A. Kok Practical solutions for the automatic calibration of the fresh-salt interface in a groundwater model using the Sea Water Intrusion package for Modflow

Selected case studies

S.M.G.L. Montenegro, A.L.R. de Paiva, J.J.S.P. Cabral, J.G.A. Demétrio, F.B. Rodrigues Analysis of saltwater intrusion computational modeling in Recife city (Pernambuco, Brazil)
Y. Mtoni, I.C. Mjemah, K. Martens, K. Walraevens Conceptual model of Dar es Salaam Quaternary coastal aquifer (DQCA) in eastern Tanzania and assessment of aquifer vulnerability to seawater intrusion
S. Montenegro, R.C. Maia Nobre Groundwater Indicators for Coastal Aquifer Management: The Urban Cities of Recife and Maceió, Brazil
G.C. da Silva Jr, M.G. Alves, C.L. Mello, T.C. Brêda, T.A. Silva, V. do N. Cristo, P.M. Caetano, E.B. Neiva Hydrogeological Study for Aquifer Management in Northern State of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
V. do N. Cristo, G.C. da Silva Jr, G. Zely, P. Silveira Hydrostratigraphic Study of Itaipuaçu District Aquifer - Maricá, RJ, Brazil.
F.L.S. Filho, S.M.G.L. Montenegro, M. do R. Zucchi Groundwater Salinization in the Coastal Aquifer of Recife (Brazil)
D. Vandevelde, L. Kaland, J, Lermytte, L. Lebbe, G.H.P. Oude Essink, A. Vandenbohede, G. Janssen, J. Claus, D. D'Hont, P. Thomas Modelling the historical evolution of the fresh-salt water distribution in a Dutch-Flemish transboundary aquifer
E. Levanon, Y, Yechieli, E. Shalev, V. Friedman, H. Gvirtzman Reliable monitoring of Fresh-Saline water Interface in coastal aquifers
J. Klimke, G. Ertl, J. Elbracht, H. Wiederhold Saline groundwater in the Quakenbrück basin verified by airborne geophysics
J. tarhouni, A. Kawachi, M. Tsujimura, M. Takahashi, A. Chekirbene, M. Ziadi Salinization assessment by filed investigation and modeling of the shallow aquifer at the downstream of Lebna watershed, Tunisia
W. Guo, K. Feng SEAWAT Model Development for Study of Saltwater Intrusion at Big Cypress Basin, Florida
E.S. Van Baaren, P.G.B. De Louw, M. Faneca-Sanchez, B.W.H. De Vries, G.H.P. Oude Essink The Coastal Laboratory: salt and fresh water supply

Understanding of saline water hydrodynamics in aquifers (theoretical and numerical aspects)

L. Stoeck, G. Houben, H. Sulzbacher A novel approach to visualize the age stratification and internal dynamics of freshwater lenses - laboratory experiments and numerical simulations
L.K. Morgan, A.D. Werner, C.T. Simmons A precautionary note on the interpretation of coastal aquifer water level trends and water balances
Z.M.P. Chrispim, M.G. Alves, A.N. Costa Characterization Of Salinity In Deep And Shallow Wells In The Municipality Of Campos Dos Goytacazes/ Rj- Brazil
D. Jakovovic, T.N. Olsthoorn, A.D. Werner, P.T.W.J. Kamps, V.E.A. Post, C.T. Simmons Comparison of 2D and 3D saltwater upconing under lateral flow conditions with focus on intermittent extraction; examples using data of the Amsterdam Water Supply dune area, the Netherlands
P.G.B. De Louw, S. Eeman, E.S. Van Baaren, G.H.P. Oude Essink Constantly alternating upward and downward head-driven flow as mixing mechanism between rainwater and saline seepage
H.A. Michael, C.J. Russoniello, C. Fernandes, L.F. Konikow, A.S. Andres, J.F. Bratton, J.F. Banaszak, D.E. Krantz Geologic effects on subsurface salinity distributions, groundwater flowpaths, and aquifer estuary exchange in Indian River Bay, Delaware, USA
I. Oz, E. Shalev, Y. Yechieli, I. Gavrieli, H. Gvirtzman Groundwater flow patterns adjacent to long-term stratified (meromictic) lake
M. Perriquet, T. Henry, R. Cave, V. Leonardi, H. Jourde Hydrodynamics of a coastal karst aquifer affected by saltwater intrusion under oceanic climatic influence, Co. Clare, Ireland
J.P. Sánchez-Úbeda, M.L. Calvache, C. Duque, M. López-Chicano, F.J. Crespo Hydraulic head evolution in the discharge zone of the Motril-Salobreña coastal aquifer (SE Spain): Influence of the recharge
G. Dagan, A. Paster Mixing between fresh and salt waters at aquifer regional scale and identification of transverse dispersivity
N. Kohara, A. Marui Numerical analysis of groundwater flow system under the seabed at Horonobe coastal area, Japan
A. Raoof, R.J. Schotting, S.M. Hassanizadeh Reactive pore-scale modeling of seawater-fresh water mixing interface
J. Delsman, G.H.P. Oude Essink Salt load to an agricultural catchment: seepage flux times concentration, or is there more to it than that? Insights from a multi-scale tracer study
E. Zechner, P. Huggenberger, A. Zidane, M. Konz, A. Younes Simulation Of High-Contrast Density-Driven Transport
I.C. Mjemah, Y. Mtoni, E. Elisante, C.T. Tungaraza, P.W. Mtakwa, K. Walraevens Sources of salinity in the Quaternary sand aquifer of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
A.M. Martins Study on intrusion possibility atCamboinhas coastal area
F.W. Schaars, M. Bakker, J.D. Hughes, C.D. Langevin The Enhanced Sea Water Intrusion Package for MODFLOW 2005
M. Pool, J. Carrera The impact of heterogeneity on seawater intrusion under pumping Conditions
C. Kohfahl, V. Post, E. Hamann, H. Prommer The Impact Of Hydrogeochemical Reactions On Densities


I.C. Mjemah, Y. Mtoni, E. Elisante, C.T. Tungaraza, P.W. Mtakwa, K. Walraevens Sources of Salinity in the Quaternary Sand Aquifer of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
B. des Tombe, M. van Ginkel, T.N. Olsthoorn Aquifer Storage Recovery,the Storage Tank Method Can the Storage Tank method increase the recovery efficiency?
G.H.P Oude Essink, E.S. van Baaren, P.G.B. de Louw, J. Delsman, M. Faneca, P. Pauw Local Climate Proof Fresh Ground Water Supply: an Adaptive Water Management Strategy With Regional Impact
M.C. Cabrera, E. Custodio Sea Water in The Telde Volcanic Aquifer, Gran Canaria Island (Spain)

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