Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 23th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Husum, Germany, 2014

Science, policy decision making and public participation - the challenge of climate change at the coast

Hans von Storch

Effects of Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

Flemming Larsen, Long Vu Tran, Hoan Hoang, Luu Thi Tran, and Nhan Quy Pham Palaeo-climatic and Hydraulic control on Saline Groundwater in Holocene Delta Plains
D. Zamrsky, M. Faneca Sanchez, G.H.P. Oude Essink Global Quick Scan of the Vulnerability of Groundwater systems to Tsunamis
J.R. Delsman, K.R.M. Hu-a-ng, P.C. Vos, P.G.B. de Louw, G.H.P. Oude Essink, P.J. Stuyfzand, M.F.P. Bierkens Palaeo-modeling of coastal salt water intrusion during the Holocene: an application to the Netherlands
Stephen B. Gingerich and Clifford I. Voss Sea-level rise and seawater inundation of an atoll island, Roi-Namur, Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Leanne K. Morgan, Mark Bakker, Adrian D. Werner Seawater intrusion overshoot - possible occurrence and cause
J. Yang, T. Graf and T. Ptak Modelling the climate change impact on seawater intrusion in the coastal aquifer of Bremerhaven, North Germany

Local Small Scale and Shallow Processes

P.G.B. de Louw Saline seepage in deltaic areas: how local processes dominate salinization
P.J. Stuyfzand Predicting the effects of sea spray deposition and evapoconcentration on shallow coastal groundwater salinity under various vegetation type
P.N. Mollema, M. Antonellini, P.J. Stuyfzand The effect of saline gravel pit lakes (Ravenna, Italy) on ground water chemistry
James W. Heiss and Holly A. Michael Tidal, spring-neap, and seasonal dynamics of a saltwater-freshwater mixing zone in a beach aquifer
Audrey H. Sawyer, Holly A. Michael, Kevin Kroeger, Olesya Lazareva, Kyle Crespo, Christopher Russoniello, Fengyan Shi, James Kirby, Clara S. Chan, Thomas Stieglitz Geologic and hydrodynamic effects on shallow groundwater-surface water exchange and chemical fluxes to an estuary
Beatrice M.S. Giambastiani, Nicolas Greggio, Katia Pacella, Andrea Iodice and Marco Antonellini Effect of forest fire on coastal aquifer salinisation and freshwater availability

Case Studies of Saltwater Intrusion 1

Levanon Elad, Yechieli Yoseph, Shalev Eya and Gvirtzman Haim The effects of sea tides on fresh-saline water interface fluctuations and transient flow regime at coastal aquifers - field data and laboratory experiments
Can a large sand suppletion lead to a substantial increase in fresh water resources?: The Sand Motor Project
P.S. Pauw, E.S. van Baaren, M. Visser, P.G.B. de Louw and G.H.P. Oude Essink Controlled level drainage, a feasible measure to increase a fresh water lens in tidal creek deposits
Ruben J. Caljé, Wouter Beekman and Frans Schaars Development of a freshwater lens in a new strip of dunes
Nico Deus, Jörg Elbracht 3D-Modelling of the salt-/fresh water interface in coastal aquifers of Lower Saxony (Germany) based on airborne electromagnetic measurements (HEM)
Ashraf M. Mushtaha & Kristine Walraevens Coastal Water Resources Vulnerable to Climatic Change by Sea Level Rise (Gaza Strip Coastal Aquifer Case Study)

Variable Density Flow and Transport Modelling 1

M. Bakker Dupuit or Not Dupuit? That's the question
Frans Schaars, Mark Bakker Simulation of seawater intrusion with standard groundwater codes
L. Stoeckl, M. Walther, A. Schneider, J. Yang, and T. Graf Comparison of different numerical models using a two-dimensional benchmark density-driven flow
A. Schneider, L. Stoeckl, J.Wolf, M. Howahr, L. Brand Density-driven flow modelling using d³f
G. Robinson, G. Hamill and A. Ahmed Experimental Investigation of Transient Saltwater Intrusion in Heterogeneous
M. Pool, V. Post and C. Simmons The impact of tides on mixing and spreading in heterogeneous coastal aquifers
M. Vogels, M. Faneca Sanchez, G.M.C.M. Janssen, and G.H.P. Oude Essink SWIBANGLA: Managing salt water intrusion impacts in Bangladesh

Submarine Groundwater

Willard S. Moore Biogeochemical consequences of seawater intrusion into coastal aquifers
Vera Winde, Peter Escher, Bernd Schneider, Philipp Böning, Abdul M. Al-Raei, Gerd Liebezeit, Michael E. Böttcher Carbon Isotopes in Dissolved Inorganic Carbonate (DIC) trace Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Advective Pore water Circulation in Tidal Areas of the Southern North Sea
Wesley R. Danskin, Bert J. Stolp, Geoff Cromwell, Robert Anders, and Larry Feinson Freshwater intrusion: Return of Meteoric Groundwater back to the Continent, San Diego, California, USA
Jan Scholten, M. Kreuzburg, K. Knoeller, J. Rapaglia, M. Schlüter, M. Schubert Submarine groundwater discharge in the southwestern Baltic Sea
Tania Röper, Janek Greskowiak, Gudrun Massmann Unstable flow patterns during submarine groundwater discharge: Changing the way we look at the freshwater-seawater interface

Case Studies of Saltwater Intrusion 2

Clifford I. Voss, Georg A. Lindgren and Joel Geier Saltwater intrusion in fractured rock - a study of the proposed high-level nuclear waste repository at Forsmark, Sweden
Mutasem El-Fadel, Grace Rachid, Ibrahim Alameddine and Majdi Abu Najm Saltwater Intrusion in Karst aquifers along the Eastern Mediterranean
S. Ghabayen, Y. Weinstein, A. Yaquibi, B. Herut, A.M. Mushataha, K. Walraevens, Y. Yechieli The interrelation between multi layered aquifer and the sea, examples from Gaza and the Carmel coastal areas
Rita Deiana, Francesco Morari, Pietro Teatini, Luigi Tosi and Andrea Viezzoli Saltwater contamination in the lowlying coastland of the Venice Lagoon, Italy
R. Trabelsi and M. Zairi Seawater intrusion characterization in the coastal section of Sfax superficial aquifer (Tunisia)
Nawal Al Farrah and Kristine Walraevens Hydrogeological and Hydrogeochemical Investigation of the Coastal Area of Jifarah Plain, NW Libya
J.P. Sánchez-Úbeda, C. Duque, J. M. Gómez Fontalva, M.L. Calvache, M. López-Chicano and B. de la Torre Hydrodynamic effects in the discharge zone of the Motril-Salobreña coastal aquifer due to the drilling of artesian wells

Geophysics and Hydraulic Parameter Estimation 1

Reinhard Kirsch, Helga Wiederhold Saltwater intrusions - a challenge for geophysics
Annika Steuer, Bernhard Siemon, Uwe Meyer and Helga Wiederhold Helicopter-borne electromagnetics: A powerful tool for the mapping of coastal aquifers
Dieter Vandevelde, Frans Schaars Andrea Viezzoli and Per Gisseloe Actualization of a 40 year old salinization map of the eastern Belgian coast using airborne time-domain electromagnetic survey (SkyTEM)
Jan Igel, Thomas Günther, Moritz Kuntzer, Hans Sulzbacher and Helga Wiederhold Investigating freshwater lenses with ground-penetrating radar (GPR): capabilities, limitations and perspectives
T. Günther, R. Dlugosch, M.-Müller-Petke and S. Costabel Contribution of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for feeding hydraulic models in saltwater problems

Management of Coastal Aquifers 1

Alexander Vandenbohede Military inundations at the Yser front: the groundwater perspective
M. Polemio, L.E. Zuffiano Overview: Management of groundwater at salinisation risk
G. Barrocu Integrated coastal aquifer and coastal zone management strategies
M. Polemio, A. Romanazzi Hydrogeological modeling for sustainable groundwater management under climate change effects for a karstic coastal aquifer (Southern Italy)
Matthew J. Knowling, Adrian D. Werner and Daan Herckenrath Quantifying the relative contribution of climatic and pumping impacts to coastal aquifer depletion using a highly parameterised groundwater model: Uley South Basin (South Australia)
K. Hinsby, Z. Ma, J.C. Wu, H.W. Liu, S. Montenegro, G. C. da Silva Jr, D. Postma, A.R. Johnsen, C.S. Jacobsen, and S.R. Sørensen Assessing managed aquifer recharge (MAR) for coastal aquifer management in Asia, South America and Europe in a changing climate
E.S. van Baaren, B.T. Ottow, G.H.P. Oude Essink and P. Pauw Sharing precious water volumes in The Water Farm: from concept towards practice

Monitoring Saltwater Intrusion

Michael Grinat, Wolfgang Südekum, Dieter Epping, and Robert Meyer Measurements with an automated electrical resistivity tomography system in a freshwater/saltwater transition zone
Yongcheol Kim, Heesung Yoon and Gipyo Kim Characteristics of real time variations of freshwater-saltwater interface using a new monitoring method at Jeju island, South Korea
D.J. MacAllister, M.D. Jackson, A.P. Butler and J. Vinogradov The self-potential (SP) response to seawater intrusion: Evidence for the application of SP monitoring to the management of abstraction in coastal aquifers.
M. Ronczka, T. Günther and F. Oppermann Monitoring inland salt-water intrusion with long-electrode ERT
P.A. Pezard, P. Gouze, H. Perroud, J. Lofi, N. Denchik, G. Henry, M. Geeraert, D. Neyens, J.-P. Bellot, A. Levannier Salt Water Intrusion Monitoring in Coastal Aquifers from High Frequency Downhole Hydrogeophysical Observatories
M.D. Fidelibus, L. Tulipano Monitoring seawater intrusion by means of long-term series of EC and T logs (Salento coastal karstic aquifer, Southern Italy)

Hydrogeology of Islands

V.E.A. Post, J. Marçais, M.J. Waterloo, M.M.A. Groen and M.T.C. de Melo The use of multi-level pressure and salinity data to understand freshwater-lens dynamics
Georg J. Houben, Paul Koeniger and Jürgen Sültenfuß Freshwater lenses as archives for climate history - insights from depth-specific age dating and stable water isotope analysis, Langeoog Island, Germany
A. Bourhane, J-C. Comte, J-L. Join and T. Mara The role of 3D volcanic structures on seawater intrusion in Grande Comore Island inferred from geophysical investigations and groundwater modelling
Marloes van Ginkel, T.N. Olsthoorn, M.L. Tijs Guiding Principles for Fresh Water Lens Development, Exploitation and Maintenance in Artificial Islands
Wolfgang Scheer, Bernd König and Broder Nommensen The fresh-saltwater distribution of the Island of Föhr - assembling of a data base for the assessment of climate change impact

Geophysics and Hydraulic Parameter Estimation 2

Stephan Costabel, Ursul a Noell, Thomas Günther, Georg Houben, Wolfgang Voß, Bernhard Siemon Geophysical investigation of a managed freshwater lens on the North Sea island of Langeoog
Kees-Jan van der Made, Michel Groen and Frans Schaars Cone Penetration Tests with electrical conductivity for fresh-salt water investigations
Daan Herckenrath Hydrogeophysical inversion techniques for seawater intrusion models
Eldad Haber, Klara Steklova Coupled hydrogeophysical inversion on synthetic example of seawater intrusion
Joseph D. Hughes, Jeremy T. White and Christian D. Langevin Use of high-resolution tidal data and highly-parameterized inversion in managed coastal aquifers
Duc H. Nguyen A flexible predictive tool for saltwater intrusion in the Red River Delta

Dating of Fresh and Saline Groundwater & Case Studies of Saltwater Intrusion 3

Y. Yechieli, M. Zilverbrand, A. Burg, Y. Weinstein, S. Wollman, O. Sivan Dating of saline groundwater from several Israeli aquifers, indication for paleo seawater intrusion and comparison with results of numerical simulations
M. Walther, L. Bilke, J.O. Delfs, T. Graf, J. Grundmann, R. Liedl, O. Kolditz Evaluating Remediation Potential of a Salinized Heterogeneous Aquifer System Using Three-Dimensional, Density-Dependent Groundwater Modeling
G. Sappa, M.T. Coviello, and G. Luciani Climate change effect on seawater intrusion evolution in Dar Es Salaam coastal plain, Tanzania
Philip Nienhuis, Theo Olsthoorn and Pierre Kamps Hydrological History of the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes
K.E. Banda, R. Jakobsen, F. Larsen, P. Bauer- Gottwein, I. Nyambe Salinisation processes in the Kalahari Sediments of Western Zambia: Machile Basin
Marco Antonellini, Diana M. Allen, Pauline N. Mollema, D. Capo, N. Greggio Groundwater Freshening following Coastal Progradation and Land Reclamation of the Po Plain, Italy

Variable Density Flow and Transport Modelling 2

Gert-Jan Devriese, Jasper Claus and Luc Lebbe Historic and projected saltwater distribution at the left bank of the river Scheldt near the port of Antwerp, Belgium
Theo Olsthoorn, Naveed Alam Salt groundwater distribution in the Pakistani Punjab based on simulation of historic events
Megan L. Sebben, Adrian D. Werner and Thomas Graf Seawater intrusion in fractured coastal aquifers: preliminary investigation using a discretely fractured Henry problem
Shannon T. Holding and Diana M. Allen Responses to Climate Change and Development Stressors on Small Oceanic Islands
Perry G.B. de Louw1 Sara Eeman, Gualbert H.P. Oude Essink, Esther Vermue, Vincent E.A. Post Monitoring and modelling the dynamic behaviour of rainwater lenses and soil-, ground- and drain water salinities
C. R. Guevara Morel, C. Cremer, N. Goldau and T. Graf Results of a Physical Experiment of Variable-Density Driven Flow and Transport in a Saturated Porous Media
I. Oz, E. Shalev, Y. Yechieli, I. Gavrieli, H. Gvirtzman Saline water circulation beneath the fresh-saline interface: results of laboratory experiments and numerical modeling
Kai Radmann, Sören Kathmann, Caroline Schlegel, Johannes Michaelsen Requirements of modeling the freshwater lens of the Island of Sylt

Management of Coastal Aquifers 2

Pieter J. Stuyfzand, Koen G. Zuurbier and Andreas Antoniou Problems and solutions when storing fresh water in brackish aquifers
Masahiro Takahashi and Kazuro Momii Effect of dispersivity on saltwater intrusion and removal processes
M. Eley, M. Howahr, A. Schneider, H.M. Schöniger, A. Ullmann, J. Wolf and G. Meon Potential Consequences of Saltwater Intrusion at the German North Sea Coast for the water supply
Willem J. Zaadnoordijk, Ate Oosterhof, Mark Houweling, and Klaasjan Raat Fresh keeper without reverse osmosis: can we prevent upconing by pumping brackish water to a deeper aquifer?

Poster Directory

Wei-Ci Li, I-Hsien Lee and Chuen-Fa Ni Quantify the Influence of the Ocean Current on the Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Vu Thanh Tam , Okke Batelaan , Tran Thanh Le and Pham Quy Nhan Estimation of preferential recharge and saltwater intrusion to a coastal groundwater system in the North Central Coast of Vietnam by means of 3D hydrostratigraphical modeling
Hoang Thi Hanh, Hoang Dai Phuc, Pham Thi Thu, Christian Glaeser, Jens Boehme Hydrogeochemical Characterization of Groundwater in Soc Trang Province, Southern Vietnam
N. Alam and T.N. Olsthoorn Origin of saltwater in the groundwater systems of Indian subcontinent
A.E. Elnaiem Salt Water Intrusion into the Tertiary Aquifers in North Qatar Peninsula, Arabian Gulf
O. Kalaoun, A. Al Bitar and M. Jazar Assessment of saltwater intrusion in the aquifer of Tripoli Lebanon
Christian Siebert, U. Mallast, T. Rödiger, M. Strey, D. Ionescu, S. Häusler, B. Noriega, T. Pohl, B. Merkel Submarine groundwater discharge at the Dead Sea
R. De Rosa, A. Romanazzi, C. Apollaro, G. Cianflone, R. Dominici, G. Vespasiano Hydrogeological model of a complex coastal aquifers: the case of Sibari Plain (Southern Italy)
L.E. Zuffiano, P.P. Limoni, F. Barnaba, A. Basso, D. Casarano, V. Dragone, F. Santaloia, M. Polemio The coastal hydrogeological system of Mar Piccolo (Ionian Sea, Italy)
M. Polemio, P.P. Limoni, D. Liotta, G. Palladino, L.E. Zuffiano, F. Santaloia A peculiar case of coastal springs and geogenic saline groundwater: the Santa Cesarea Terme thermal springs (Southern Italy)
Fernando Sola, Ángela Vallejos, Linda Daniele & Antonio Pulido-Bosch Geochemical and isotopic evidence of the aquifer-lagoon interaction during Holocene (Almería, SE Spain)
Fernando Sola, Ángela Vallejos, Jorge Currás, Linda Daniele & Antonio Pulido-Bosch Evidence of Pleistocene submarine discharges in the Aguadulce cliffs (Almería, SE Spain)
Gert-Jan Devriese, Jasper Claus and Luc Lebbe Groundwater flow and salinity distribution near a tidal gully in the Zwin remnant, Belgium
Pieter S. Pauw, M.M.A. Groen, J. Groen, K.J. van der Made and V.E.A Post Groundwater salinity patterns at the land-ocean boundary in the Netherlands
Helga Wiederhold, Reinhard Kirsch, Bernhard Siemon Saltwater intrusion in porous aquifers in Northern Germany
Bernhard Siemon, Helga Wiederhold, Annika Steuer, Marion P. Miensopust, Wolfgang Voß, Malte Ibs-von Seht and Uwe Meyer Helicopter-borne electromagnetic surveys in Northern Germany
Michael E. Böttcher, Marko Lipka, Vera Winde, Olaf Dellwig, Ernst O. Böttcher, Tillman M.C. Böttcher and Iris Schmiedinger Multi-isotope composition of freshwater sources for the southern North and Baltic Sea
Bernhard Siemon, Wolfgang Voß, Jörg Elbracht, Nico Deus and Helga Wiederhold Airborne clay mapping at the East Frisian coast
G.J. Houben Impact of tourism on groundwater extraction on the island of Langeoog, Germany
Katrina Mariner, Georg J. Houben, Leonard Stoeck, and Martin Thullner Hydrogeological features of freshwater lenses on volcanic islands - physical and numerical modeling
F. Krause, A. Ogroske, M. Popp and S. Schäfer Application of airborne electromagnetics for groundwater investigations in the vicinity of salt structures
M. aus der Beek, F. Krause and S. Schäfer Groundwater flow analysis in variable-density formation waters - a comparison of common approximations
Dorota Kaczor-Kurzawa The salinization of useful Cenozoic aquifers by ascending Mesozoic brines - characterization on the basis of hydrochemical data from northern and central Poland
Z. Chrispim, M.G. Alves, M.T. Condesso de Melo, G.C. Silva Jr. Origin of groundwater salinity and implications for the groundwater management of Emborê Aquifer, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
J.C. Comte, J. Obando, R. Cassidy, O. Banton, K. Ibrahim, J.L. Join, M. Makokha, I. Marobhe, S. Melchioly, I. Mjemah, I. Mohamed, B. Mwega, N. Robins, H. Shauri and H. Soule Towards groundwater security in coastal East Africa (UPGRO Programme): initiating a regional research network and integrated hydrogeologic, climatic & socio-economic observatories in coastal aquifers of the East African/Western Indian Ocean region
Alexander Vandenbohede, Pauline N. Mollema, Nicolas Greggio, and Marco Antonellini Seawater intrusion in the southern Po Plain, Italy: managing a geologic and historical heritage
Leanne K. Morgan, Adrian D. Werner Seawater intrusion vulnerability indicators for freshwater lenses in strip islands
Michaela De Giglio, Nicolas Greggio, Lorenzo Panciroli and Maurizio Barbarella ASTER and WorldView-2 satellite data applications for recognition of salt water intrusion effects on forest vegetation
E. Erkul, M. Henneberg, D. Wilken, M. Gräber, J. Scholten and W. Rabbel A geophysical approach for mapping and quantifying near-surface freshwater-saltwater transitions
M. Groen Resistivity tomography, an underestimated tool for mapping fresh salt groundwater interface
Mathias Ronczka, Leonard Stoeckl and Thomas Günther Geoelectrical monitoring of freshwater-saltwater interaction in physical model experiments
Said A. al Hagrey, Daniel Köhn, Carla E. Wiegers, Dirk Schäfer, Wolfgang Rabbel Geophysical monitoring of brine and compressed air leakages in groundwater from deep energy storages
Angela Vallejos, Fernando Sola and Antonio Pulido-Bosch Evidence and causes of groundwater level fluctuations in a semiconfined mediterranean coastal aquifer. The ocean tide effect
Frank Skowronek , Jörg Grossmann Improvement of Water Level Measurements in Saltwater-Influenced Monitoring Wells - Application of the Base Pressure Method
J.P. Sánchez-Úbeda, M.L. Calvache, M. López-Chicano and C. Duque Tide cleaning of heads in unconfined coastal aquifers via processing of signal wave components
N. Boluda-Botella Comparing transport parameters and PHREEQC simulation parameters of seawater intrusion experiments in columns filled with different porous media
Maria D. Fidelibus, Claudia Campana Modeling of gypsum dissolution driven by variable density flow in the coastal karst aquifer of Lesina Marina (southern Italy)
M. S. Hussain, A. A. Javadi Cost-Effective Management of Sea Water Intrusion in Shallow Unconfined Aquifers
D. Jakovovic, A.D. Werner, V.E.A. Post and P.G.B. de Louw Saltwater upconing zone of influence
Per Rasmussen, Torben O. Sonnenborg and Klaus Hinsby Evaluating hydraulic barriers for reducing and controlling saltwater intrusion in a changing climate
J. Claus , G. Oude Essink, G. Janssen, D. Vandevelde, L. Kaland and L. Lebbe Reproducing the fresh-salt water distribution during the past millennium of a highly dynamic coastal groundwater system: the construction of the variable-density groundwater model
G. Robinson, A. Ahmed and G. Hamill Stochastic Analysis of Saltwater Intrusion in Heterogeneous Aquifers using Local Average Subdivision
Anis S. Chowdhury, L. Stoeckl, and G. Houben Influence of geological heterogeneity on freshwater discharge in coastal aquifers - physical experiments and numerical modeling
C. Cremer, C. R. Guevara Morel, N. Goldau and T. Graf On the development of instabilities under density-driven flow conditions in saturated porous media: physical and numerical experiments
Hoang Dai Phuc Technical Aspects relating to Salt Water Intrusion problems
Marianne L. Tijs, Marloes van Ginkel, and Theo N. Olsthoorn Optimisation of subsurface fresh water storage in new land developments
Daan Herckenrath, Leanne K. Morgan, and Adrian D. Werner Calibrating a seawater intrusion model using surrogate simulations
E.S. van Baaren, G.H.P. Oude Essink, G.M.C.M. Janssen, P.G.B. de Louw and J. Verkaik Lessons learned from a regional variable density groundwater flow model and implemented climate change scenarios: a Dutch case
J. Verkaik, P. Vermeulen, E. van Baaren, G. Janssen, P. de Louw, M. Faneca Sanchez, G. Oude Essink, iMOD: A high performance open source framework for SEAWAT
Alexander Vandenbohede eMOD : a MATLAB application for MODFLOW-based groundwater flow and solute transport models
Christian D. Langevin Recent Updates to the SEAWAT Computer Program
Bach Thao Nguyen, Olivier Banton, Adriano Mayer, Konstantinos Chalikakis and Michel Daniel Saltwater intrusion in the Crau coastal aquifer (South of France): validation of variable density modeling using geophysical and geochemical data
Carlos M. Ordens, Adrian D. Werner, Vincent E. A. Post, John L. Hutson, Matthew J. Knowling Combining numerical modelling and field-based methods to obtain spatially and temporally variable recharge to a semi-arid coastal aquifer: Uley South Basin, South Australia
Sander de Haas, Harry Rolf and Frans Schaars In search for clay and salt, combining traditional techniques with airborne geophysics (SkyTEM) to optimize the 3D image of the subsurface
Rui T. Hugman, Tibor Stigter and Jose Paulo Monteiro Integrating improved conceptual knowledge into a 3-D variable density numerical model for a heavily exploited coastal aquifer with submarine spring discharge in South Portugal

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