Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 24th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Cairns, Australia, 2016


A.D. Werner


S. Fatema, A. Marandi, C. Schüth Seawater Intrusion of the Coastal Groundwater: A Case Study in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
A. Kawachi, C. Uchida, M. Kefi, J. Tarhouni, K. Kashiwagi Effect of Surface Water Use on Mitigation of GW Salinization in a Semi-Arid Coastal Shallow Aquifer Setting: A Case Study of Lower Lebna Watershed, Tunisia
D. Vandevelde Increasing the Availability of Freshwater for Agriculture by Improving Local Hydro(geo)logical Conditions
Elnaiem A. E., Luc Lebbe, F. Sadooni, Hamad Al Saad Potential Influence of Climate Change and Anthropogenic Effects, on Groundwater Resources in the Northern Groundwater Province, Qatar
J. van Engelen, G.H.P. Oude Essink, M.F.P. Bierkens Fresh Groundwater Reserves in 40 Major Deltas Under Global Change
Bernhard Siemon, Esther van Baaren, Willem Dabekaussen, Joost Delsman, Jan Gunnink, Marios Karaoulis, Perry G.B. de Louw, G.H.P. Oude Essink, Pieter Pauw, Annika Steuer HEM Survey in Zeeland (NL) to Delineate the 3D Groundwater Salinity Distribution - Pilot Study: Canal Zone Gent-Terneuzen
Kees-Jan van der Made, Frans Schaars, Michel Groen Geophysical Field Measurements for Characterizing Sea Water Intrusion
Kouping Chen, Jiu Jimmy Jiao Hydrochemical Evolution of Groundwater in a Coastal Reclaimed Land in Shenzhen, China
Georg J. Houben, Willem Jan Zaadnoordijk, Klaus Hinsby, Lars Troldborg Water Supply on the Frisian Islands, North Sea
Victoria Trglavcnik, C. Robinson, Dean Morrow, Darren White, Viviane Paquin, Kela Weber Effect of Tides, Waves and Precipitation on Groundwater Flow Dynamics on Sable Island, Canada
Perry G.B. de Louw, Guus Heselmans, Vincent Klap, Corstiaan Kempenaar, Edvard Ahlrichs, Jean-Pierre van Wesemael, Joost Delsman In Search for a Salt Tolerant Potato to Reduce the Freshwater Demand in Saline Coastal Areas
Yongcheol Kim, Heesung Yoon, Gi-Pyo Kim Case Study on an Effective Method for Monitoring Temporal Change in the Freshwater-Saltwater Interface Location and Freshwater Lens Thickness
Jason A. Thomann, Leanne K. Morgan, Tony Miller, Adrian D. Werner Vulnerability of Offshore Fresh Groundwater to Anthropogenic Impacts: Investigation Using Analytic and Numerical Modelling Techniques
A. Saha, W.K. Lee, A. Bironne-Taisne, V. Babovic, L. Vonhögen-Peeters, Esther van Baaren, P. Vermeulen, G.H.P. Oude Essink, J.R. Valstar, G. de Lange, R.M. Hoogendoorn, S. Oon Utilization of Reclaimed Island as Groundwater Reservoir
M.L. Calvache, J.P. Sánchez-Úbeda, Carlos Duque, M. López-Chicano The Influence of the Heterogeneity and Variable Density in Theis and Cooper-Jacob Interpretation of Pumping Tests: The Case of Motril-Salobreña Aquifer (SE Spain)
J.P. Sánchez-Úbeda, M.L. Calvache, Carlos Duque, M. López-Chicano Modelling Sea-Aquifer Contact in Salt Water Intrusion Scenarios: Conditions and Possibilities
J.P. Sánchez-Úbeda, M.L. Calvache, Carlos Duque, M. López-Chicano Estimation of Hydraulic Diffusivity Using Tidal-Extracted Oscillations from Groundwater Head Affected by Tide
Elad Levanon, Eyal Shalev, Yoseph Yechieli, Haim Gvirtzman The Mechanism of Groundwater Fluctuations Induced by Sea Tides in Unconfined Aquifers
Gang Li, Hailong Li, Chunmiao Zheng, Kai Xiao, Manhua Luo, Meng Zhang A Comparative Study of Two Transects at Dan'ao River's Estuary in Daya Bay, China
Xuejing Wang, Hailong Li, Chunmiao Zheng Seasonal Distribution of Radium Isotopes and Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Laizhou Bay, China
Kai Xiao, Hailong Li, Chunmiao Zheng, Yanman Li, Manhua Luo A Preliminary Study on Influence of Seawater-Groundwater Exchange on Nutrient Dynamics in a Tidal Mangrove Swamp in Daya Bay, China
Ashraf Ahmed, Robert Gantley, Antoifi Abdoulhalik The Effect of Cutoff Walls on Saltwater Intrusion in Stratified Coastal Aquifers: An Experimental and Numerical Study
Andrew C. Knight, Leanne K. Morgan, Adrian D. Werner Offshore Hydro-Stratigraphy of the Gambier Embayment and the Potential for an Offshore Groundwater Resource
I. Oz, Eyal Shalev, Yoseph Yechieli, Haim Gvirtzman Saltwater Circulation Patterns Within the Freshwater-Saltwater Interface in Coastal Aquifers
Sang Kil Park, Do Hoon Kim, Hong Bum Park The Investigation of Sea Water Intrusion on Opening Estuary Barrage of Nakdong River Using Numerical Simulation Model
Chengji Shen, Pei Xin, Chenming Zhang, Ling Li Initiation of Unstable Flow in Salt Marshes

Session 1 - Managing Coastal Groundwater I

G.H.P. Oude Essink Fresh Groundwater Resources in Deltaic Areas Under Climate and Global Stresses, with Examples from Vietnam, Egypt, Bangladesh and The Netherlands
Perry G.B. de Louw, Anton van Berchum, Jelle Buma, Pieter Doornenbal, Mick Lorwa, G.H.P. Oude Essink, Pieter Pauw, Yvo Provoost, Martijn Visser A Self-Flowing Seepage System to Protect a Freshwater Lens from Local Sea Level Rise.
Sarra Bachtouli, Jean-Christophe Comte The Combined Effects of Over-Abstraction, Irrigation and Managed Aquifer Recharge on Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers Subject to Intensive Agriculture: A Modeling Study from 50 Years of Historic Observations to Future Management Scenarios in Korba, Tunisia
Camille Jendra, Brian Latcham The Legacy of Sugar and Salt - A Success Story in Managing Bundaberg's Coastal Aquifers
Frank Smits, T.N. Olsthoorn, Lucas Smulders, Iris van Wielink The Taming of Brackish Seepage

Session 2 - Advances in Numerical Models and their Application

Adam Szymkiewicz, Anna Gumula-Kawe?cka, Jirka Sim?unek, Bertrand Leterme, Beata Jaworska-Szulc, Malgorzata Pruszkowska Caceres, Wioletta Gorczewska-Langner, Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo, Diederik Jacques Modeling of Unsaturated-Saturated Groundwater Flow in the Presence of Saltwater Intrusion Using HYDRUS and MODFLOW Numerical Codes
Bill X. Hu, Zexuan Xu Data Analysis and Numerical Modeling of Seawater Intrusion Through Conduit Networks in a Coastal Karst Aquifer
Pei Xin, Xiayang Yu, Chunhui Lu, Ling Li Effects of Macro-Pores on Water Flow in Coastal Subsurface Drainage Systems
Megan L. Sebben, Adrian D. Werner A Numerical Investigation of Preferential and Barrier Flow Effects on Solute Transport in Otherwise Permeable Rocks
Chenming Zhang, Chengji Shen, Pei Xin, David Lockington, Ling Li Numerical Investigations on the Onset and Development of Salt Flat in Estuarine Wetland

Session 3 - Ocean-Groundwater Interactions

Thomas Stieglitz Groundwater-Ocean Interaction and its Effects on Coastal Ecological Processes - Are There Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystems in the Coastal Zone?
Gabriel C. Rau, Ian L. Turner, Martin J. Austin, Martin S. Andersen Experimental Investigation of the Flow Dynamics Within Sandy Coastal Barriers Under Different Water Level and Wave Conditions
C. Robinson, Pei Xin, S. Malott, Victoria Trglavcnik, Ling Li, D. O'Carroll, D.A. Barry Effect of Waves on Nearshore Groundwater Dynamics and Chemical Fluxes to Coastal Waters
Mahmood Sadat-Noori, Isaac Santos, Douglas Tait, Damien Maher Fresh versus Recirculated Groundwater Nutrient Inputs into a Subtropical Estuary

Session 4 - Interface Approaches: Development and Application

Adrian D. Werner, Tariq Laattoe Saltwater Intrusion in Reverse: Riverine Freshwater Lenses of the Murray River, Australia
Chunhui Lu Controlling Seawater Intrusion in Unconfined Coastal Aquifers: Injection or Infiltration?
Leanne K. Morgan, Aine Patterson, Adrian D. Werner First-Order Analysis of Offshore Groundwater in the Perth Basin, Western Australia, Using Analytic and Numerical Modelling
Joseph D. Hughes, Mark Bakker, Christian D. Langevin Development of an Unstructured Sharp-Interface Seawater Intrusion Model for MODFLOW
Mark Bakker, Frans Schaars, Anke Luijben SWI or SEAWAT? Why not Both?

Session 5 - Coastal Investigations Involving Geophysics I

Tim Munday, Dave Annetts, Richard George, Camilla SorensenSalt Water Intrusion in NW-Western Australia - Regional Groundwater Models Require Data from Regional-Scale Airborne Geophysical Surveys
Meredith Goebel, Rosemary Knight, Adam Pidlisecky Imaging Saltwater Intrusion Along the Monterey Bay Coast Using Long Offset Electrical Resistivity Tomography
Pierre Kamps, Philip Nienhuis, Dennis van den Heuvel, Huib de Joode Monitoring Well Optimization for Surveying the Fresh/Saline Groundwater Interface in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes
Lucas Borst, Joris Paap Effects of 25 Years of Deep Fresh Water Infiltration on Natural Saline Water in Coastal Area of Castricum, The Netherlands
Chelsea N. Peters, George M. Hornberger Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Poldered Landscape of Southwest Bangladesh

Session 6 - Geochemistry and Age-Dating of Coastal Settings

Amos Russak, Orit Sivan, Barak Herut, Boaz Lazar, Yoseph Yechieli The Effect of Salinization and Freshening Events on Nutrients and Trace Elements
Wisam M. Khadra, Pieter J. Stuyfzand Mass Balancing to Define Major Hydrogeochemical Processes in Salinizing Dolomitic Limestone Aquifers: Example from Eastern Mediterranean (Lebanon)
Kristine Walraevens, Nawal Alfarrah, Marc Van Camp Complex Hydrogeochemistry and Tidal Influence from Dunes to Beach Slope in the Central Coastal Plain of Belgium
Ya Wang, Jiu Jimmy Jiao, Ke Zhang Hydrogeochemical Studies on the Enrichment and Mobilizing Mechanisms of Heavy Metals in a Coastal Aquitard-Aquifer System
Axel Suckow Age-Dating Water in Saltwater-Freshwater Systems: Old Tracer Weaknesses and New Possibilities from Radioactive Noble Gas Isotopes (85Kr, 39Ar, 81Kr)

Session 7 - Island Hydrogeology

Peter Sinclair, Sandra C. Galvis, Amandine L. Bosserelle, Vincent Post, Adrian D. Werner Sustainability of Freshwater Lenses in Atoll Environments
Pieter J. Stuyfzand Formation and Hydrogeochemistry of a Freshwater Lens on a Sandbar Island in Saltwater Lake Grevelingen, The Netherlands
Amandine L. Bosserelle, Sandra C. Galvis, Vincent Post, Adrian D. Werner, Peter Sinclair Assessment of Climate Variability and Abstraction Impacts on the Bonriki Freshwater Lens, Tarawa, Kiribati
Georg J. Houben, Vincent Post How Long Does the Recovery of a Freshwater Lens Take After a Massive Saltwater Inundation? Experiences from the Island of Baltrum, Germany, After the 1962 Flood Disaster

Session 8 - Numerical Modelling Using SEAWAT

Christian D. Langevin, Joseph D. Hughes, Sorab Panday, Alden Provost, Richard Niswonger Past, Present, and Future Directions for Saltwater Intrusion Modeling Using SEAWAT
Rena Meyer, Peter Engesgaard, Anne-Sophie Høyer, Flemming Jørgensen, Klaus Hinsby, Birgitte Hansen, Jørn Bo Jensen, Jan A. Piotrowski, Torben O. Sonnenborg Regional Scale Hydrogeological Modelling of Saltwater Intrusion in Southern Denmark
V.H. Pham, F.C. Van Geer, G.H.P. Oude Essink, T.V. Bui, C.W. Dubelaar, P.D.T. Van Paleo-Hydrogeological Modelling of the Coastal Fresh-Saline Distribution Since the Late Pleistocene in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
Daniel Zamrsky, M.F.P. Bierkens, G.H.P. Oude Essink Global Analysis of Fresh Groundwater Resources in Coastal Zones with Respect to Future Risks

Session 9 - Seawater Intrusion Processes: Laboratory Analyses

Nathalia K. Tinjacá, Leonardo D. Donado, Eduardo Castro A. Laboratory-Scale Simulation of Saltwater Intrusion into Island Aquifer: San Andrés Island Case Study
Abdoulhalik Antoifi, Ashraf Ahmed Transient Analysis of Saltwater Intrusion Dynamics
Sugiarto Badaruddin, Adrian D. Werner, Leanne K. Morgan Salinization of Watertable Due to Seawater Intrusion
Byunghee Nam, Euntae Jung, Chiwoong Jang, Namsik Park, Kwangwoo Cho Numerical and Laboratory Investigations of Mitigating Salt Water Intrusion and Lowering Groundwater Level in Low Lying Coastal Areas
Atsushi Kawachi, Adrian D. Werner, Tariq Laattoe Experimental Laboratory Observation of Freshwater Lens in Stable Riverine Setting: Examination of the Analytical Solution
L. Stoeckl, K. Damm, M. Walther, Leanne K. Morgan Is Sea Water Intrusion by Groundwater Over-Abstraction Even Worse Than What We Expected?

Session 10 - Case Study Investigations of Coastal Aquifers

Beata Jaworska-Szulc, Adam Szymkiewicz, Malgorzata Pruszkowska Caceres Monitoring Salt Water Intrusion During Construction of a Road Tunnel Under the Martwa Wisla River in Gda´nsk
Dongmei Han, Guoliang Cao A Preliminary Modeling Study of Reversibility of Seawater Intrusion After Well Field Closure
Aine Patterson, Leanne K. Morgan, Adrian D. Werner Investigation of Seawater Intrusion in the Deep Leederville and Yarragadee Aquifers, Perth, Western Australia
Vincent Post, Eddie W. Banks, Miriam BrunkeDetermining Flow Patterns in Coastal Aquifers: Results of a Case Study in South Australia
Eddie W. Banks, Vincent Post, Okke Batelaan Salt Water Intrusion Dynamics of a Freshwater Lens in a Multi-Layer Fractured Rock Aquifer System

Session 11 - Submarine Groundwater Discharge

Jiu Jimmy Jiao, Xin Luo Submarine Groundwater Discharge as a Significant Nutrient Source to the South China Sea
Wenjing Qu, Hailong Li, Chunmiao Zheng, Chaoyue Wang, Xuejing Wang Flow and Nutrients Exchange Between Seawater and Groundwater in Different Types of Wetlands at Jiaozhou Bay, China
Carlos Duque, Christopher Russoniello, Mahmoud Sherif, Thomas W. Brooks, Karen Knee, Neil C. Sturchio, Holly A. Michael Studying the Spatial Heterogeneity of Submarine Groundwater Discharge with Direct Measurements and Radioactive Tracer
Hailong Li, Kai Xiao, Chunmiao Zheng Submarine Fresh Groundwater Discharges Estimated by Different Methods in the Jiaozhou Bay, China

Session 12 - Coastal Investigations Involving Geophysics II

Helga Wiederhold, Angelika Ullmann, Bernhard Siemon Improving Hydrogeological Models by Aeroelectromagnetic Measurements - Examples from Project NAWAK
Dieter Vandevelde, Frans Schaars, A. Viezzoli Validation of Airborne EM
Esther van Baaren, G.H.P. Oude Essink, Joost Delsman, Pieter Pauw, Marios Karaoulis, Perry G.B. de Louw, Bernhard Siemon, Annika Steuer, Willem Dabekaussen, Jan Gunnink FRESHEM: Characterization of the Fresh-Saline Groundwater Distribution in the Province of Zeeland, The Netherlands
S. Huizer, Marios Karaoulis, G.H.P. Oude Essink, M.F.P. BierkensMonitoring the Effect of Tides and Storm Surges on Coastal Fresh Groundwater Lenses

Session 13 - Saltwater-Freshwater Processes in Complex Settings

Holly A. Michael, Kaileigh C. Scott, Mahfuzur R. Khan, Mohammad KoneshlooGeological Influence on Salinity Distributions and Submarine Groundwater Discharge on the Continental Shelf
Rena Meyer, Peter Engesgaard, Anne-Sophie Høyer, Flemming Jørgensen, Klaus Hinsby, Birgitte Hansen, Jørn Bo Jensen, Jan A. Piotrowski, Torben O. Sonnenborg Construction of Large-Scale Saltwater Intrusion Model for Highly Heterogeneous Geology
Wesley R. Danskin Anomalously Low Pressures in a Transmissive Coastal Aquifer, San Diego, California, United States
Tariq Laattoe, Adrian D. Werner, Juliette A. Woods, Ian Cartwright Formation Mechanisms of Terrestrial Freshwater Lenses
Juliette A. Woods, Tariq Laattoe, Virginia Riches, Carl Purczel Saltwater-Freshwater Interaction Within the Lower River Murray Floodplain

Session 14 - Managing Coastal Groundwater II

Giuseppe Sappa The Website: A Tool to Share and Make Available Information on Coastal Aquifer
J. Sreekanth, Bithin Datta, Dan Pagendam, Henry Lau Optimal Groundwater Monitoring Network Design for Water Quality Compliance and Adaptive Management of Coastal and Other Managed Aquifers
Shaul Sorek Decision Making Strategies for Integrated Water Resources Management
Brett Anderson, Amy Becke A Case Study on the Management of Coastal Aquifers in North Queensland

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