Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 25th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Gdansk, Poland, 2018


Adam Szymkiewicz, Andrzej Sadurski, Beata Jaworska-Szulc

Session 1 Case studies (1)

Andrzej Sadurski, Adam Szymkiewicz Saltwater intrusion on the Polish Baltic coast
Rena Meyer, Peter Engesgaard and Torben O. Sonnenborg Past and future evolution of saltwater intrusion in Southern Denmark
Emilio Custodio Salinity problems in Mediterranean and island coastal aquifers in Spain
Luc Lebbe , Devlin Depret, Jasper Claus and Gert Jan Devriese Salt water intrusion in the breakthrough valley of the river Aa between the Flemish coastal plain and the Saint Omer basin (France)
Nawal Alfarah and Kristine Walraevens Groundwater salinization in arid and semi-arid zones

Session 2 Geophysics (1)

Helga Wiederhold Coastal investigations - a challenge for hydrogeophysics
J. R. Delsman, E.S van Baaren, B. Siemon, W. Dabekaussen, A. Steuer, J.L. Gunnink, M.C. Karaoulis, P.S. Pauw, T. Vermaas, H. Bootsma, P.G.B. de Louw, G.H.P Oude Essink Large-scale, probabilistic airborne salinity mapping for groundwater management in Zeeland, The Netherlands
Dieter Vandevelde, Esther van Baaren, Joost Delsman, Marios Karaoulis, Gualbert Oude Essink, Perry de Louw, Tommer Vermaas, Pieter Pauw, Marco de Kleine, Sara Thofte, Rasmus Teilmann, Kristine Walraevens, Marc Van Camp, Huits Dominique, Willem Dabekaussen, Jan Gunnink, Alexander Vandenbohede Groundwater salinity mapping of the Belgian coastal zone to improve local freshwater storage availability
M. Paepen, H. Michael, K. Walraevens and T. Hermans Assessment of groundwater discharge and saltwater intrusion in the Belgian coastal area through geophysics
Andrew C. Knight, Adrian D. Werner Potential for a vast offshore fresh groundwater body in the Gambier Embayment, Australia

Session 3 Modeling (1)

J-C. Comte, C. Wilson, U. Ofterdinger, A. González-Quirós Spatiotemporal patterns of saltwater intrusion associated to geological heterogeneities and complex tidal forcing: insights from field-scale, high-resolution investigations
Waldemar Swidzinski Modeling of groundwater flow and salinity evolution near TSF Zelazny Most, Poland
A. Schneider, H. Zhao, J. Wolf, D. Logashenko, S. Reiter, M. Howahr, M. Eley, M. Gelleszun and H. Wiederhold Modeling saltwater intrusion scenarios for a coastal aquifer at the German North Sea
M. Bakker, F.Schaars What goes up must come down
Pieter J. Stuyfzand Analytical modeling of freshwater lenses in different settings: from coastal embryo dunes in the Netherlands to inland mega dunes in Abu Dhabi
Ruben Caljé, Frans Schaars and Michel Groen Modeling and monitoring methods to prevent salt water intrusion caused by artificial dune construction
B. Mozafari, M. Fahs, B. Ataie-Ashtiani, C. T. Simmons, Rafic Younes On the use of COMSOL Multiphysics for seawater intrusion in fractured coastal aquifers

Session 4 Coastal aquifer management (1)

Adrian D. Werner, Andrew C. Knight, Leanne K. Morgan, Jason A. Thomann, Cristina C. Solórzano-Rivas, Marc Walther Classes of seawater intrusion: An extension to consider the effects of offshore aquifers
Mohammad Azizur Rahman, Eva González, Helga Wiederhold, Nico Deus, Jörg Elbracht and Bernhard Siemon Characterization of a regional coastal zone aquifer using an interdisciplinary approach - an example from Weser-Elbe region, Lower Saxony, Germany
Laura Martinez-Perez, M.A. Marazuela, L. Luquot, A. Folch, L. del Val, T. Goyetche, M. Diego-Feliu, N. Ferrer, V. Rodellas, F. Bellmunt, J. Ledo, M. Pool, J. Garcia-Orellana, P. Pezard, M. Saaltink, E. Vazquez-Sune, J. Carrera Integrated methodology to characterize hydro-geochemical properties in an alluvial coastal aquifer affected by seawater intrusion (SWI) and submarine groundwater discharge (SGD)
Perry G.B. de Louw, Huite Bootsma, Henk Kooi, Mark Kramer, Gilles Erkens Land subsidence by peat oxidation leads to enhanced salinization through boils in Dutch polders
Yawen Chang, Bill X. Hu, Xue Li Modeling seawater intrusion to coastal aquifers in south coast of Laizhou Bay, China

Session 5 Coastal aquifer management (2)

Gualbert Oude Essink, Tobias Mulder, Joeri van Engelen, Daniel Zamrsky, Hung Pham Van, Wayangi Weerasekera, Mara Meggiorin Building up 3D salinity models for estimating fresh groundwater resources in major deltas under global and climate stresses
Daniel Zamrsky, G.H.P. Oude Essink, and Marc Bierkens Estimating characteristic times of regional groundwater systems along the global coastline with regard to past sea level fluctuations and sediment accumulation patterns
Joeri van Engelen, M.F.P. Bierkens, G.H.P. Oude Essink 3D Paleohydrogeological modelling of the Nile Delta
Cromwell. G., O'Shea, P., Pham, J., Danskin, W.R. Three-dimensional lithologic model of the San Diego Coastal Aquifer, Southern California, USA
Leanne K Morgan, Carlos Rosado Untreated groundwater supply and the Christchurch coastal aquifer system
Roshina Babu, Namsik Park, Sunkown Yoon and Taaniela Kula Optimal management of freshwater Lens for extreme droughts in Tongatapu Island

Session 6 Submarine groundwater discharge (1)

Carlos Duque, Soren Jessen, Thomas W. Brooks, Christopher Russoniello, Peter Engesgaard, Holly Michael Hydrogeological flow paths in coastal areas; a dismissed factor for the delivery of nutrients
Marko Lipka, Michael E. Böttcher, Zijun Wu, Jürgen Sültenfuss, Anna-K. Jenner, Julia Westphal, Olaf Dellwig, Peter Escher, Iris Schmiedinger, Vera Winde, Ulrich Struck Ferruginous groundwaters as a source of P, Fe, and DIC for coastal waters of the southern Baltic Sea: (Isotope) hydrobiogeochemistry and the role of an iron curtain
Beata Szymczycha, Zaneta Klostowska, Karol Kulinski, Aleksandra Winogradow, Jaromir Jakacki, Zygmunt Klusek, Milosz Grabowski, Aleksandra Brodecka-Goluch, Bozena Graca, Marcin Stokowski, Katarzyna Koziorowska , Daniel Rak Deep submarine groundwater discharge indicated by pore water chloride anomalies in the Gulf of Gdansk, southern Baltic Sea
Emilia Bublijewska, Leszek Leczynski, Marek Marciniak, Lukasz Chudziak, Zaneta Klostowska, Dorota Zarzeczanska A new method of testing groundwater inflow to the seabed, Puck Bay, South Baltic
U. Mallast, C. Siebert Spatiotemporal variability of SGD as indicated by UAV based thermal infrared measurements

Session 7 modeling (2)

Christian D. Langevin, Alden Provost, Joseph D. Hughes, and Sorab Panday Variable-density flow and transport in MODFLOW 6
A. Desens, V.E.A. Post, G.J. Houben, T. Kuhn, M. Walther, Thomas Graf It's hydrogeology but not as we know it: Sub-seafloor groundwater flow driven by thermal gradients
Su Yean Teh, Donald L. De Angelis, Clifford I. Voss, Leonel Sternberg and Hock Lye Koh MANTRA-O18: An extended version of SUTRA modified to simulate salt and d18O transport amid water uptake by plants
Husam Baalousha, F. Ramasomanana Modelling saline groundwater pumping at the beach for reverse osmosis desalination in Qatar
Shaked Stein, Roni Kasher, Yoseph Yechieli and Orit Sivan Modeling the impact of saline groundwater pumping from coastal aquifers beneath the fresh-saline water interface for desalination purposes
Abdelrahman M. Abdelgawad, Antoifi Abdoulhalik and Ashraf A. Ahmed Transient investigation of the critical pumping rate in laboratory-scale coastal aquifer
Barret L. Kurylyk, Martin A. Briggs, Justin T. Kulongoski, John W. Lane Short- and long-term salt water intrusion in response to water stress and modified geology at the Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge
Hongfan Cao and Chunhui Lu Impact of the air injection well position on the performance of preventing seawater intrusion

Session 8 Geochemistry

Yoseph Yechieli, R. Yokochi, M. Zilberbrand, Z.-T Lu, R. Purtschert, J. Sueltenfuss, W. Jiang, J. Zappala, P. Mueller, R. Bernier, N. Avrahamov, E. Adar, F. Talhami, Y. Livshitz, A. Burg Rate of seawater intrusion into a deep aquifer determined with radioactive noble gas isotopes of 81Kr and 39Ar
V.E.A. Post, G.J. Houben Can bomb-peak tritium persist in the transition zone? A case study from the German island of Langeoog
Janek Greskowiak, Janis Ahrens, Soeren Ahmerkamp, Nele Grünenbaum, Michael Kossack, Bernhard Schnetger, Claudia Ehlert, Moritz Holtappelts, Melanie Beck, Katharina Pahnke, Hans-Jürgen Brumsack, Gudrun Massmann Modelling reactive transport of Si and 222Rn to constrain tide-induced seawater infiltration rates at a meso-tidal beach
Han Dongmei, Cao Guoliang Migration of shallow saline groundwater across a regional aquitard inferred from Cl and stable isotope in the North China Plain
Xiaoying Zhang, Bill X. Hu, Hejun Ren Composition and function shift of microbial communities in mangrove seedlings inhabited mudflat during tidal cycles

Session 9 Geophysics (2)

M. Baďsset, D. Neyens High frequency saltwater intrusion monitoring using borehole geophysical tools (SMD)
Andrea Palacios, Juanjo Ledo, Niklas Linde, Jesús Carrera, Linda Luquot, Fabian Bellmunt, Albert Folch, David Bosch, Laura Del Val, Laura Martínez, Tybaud Goyetche, Marc Diego-Feliu, Jordi Garcia-Orellana and Maria Pool Time-lapse cross hole electrical resistivity tomography (CHERT) for monitoring seawater intrusion dynamics in a Mediterranean aquifer
Laura del Val, Jesús Carrera, Albert Folch, María Pool, Lurdes Martinez, Olivier Bour Heat dissipation test with fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing to estimate groundwater fluxes in an unconsolidated coastal aquifer
Jude King, Gualbert Oude Essink, Marios Karaoulis, Bernhard Siemon and Marc F. P. Bierkens A quantitative review of 1D airborne electromagnetic inversion methods: A focus on fresh-saline groundwater mapping
Ian Gottschalk, Rosemary Knight, Theodore Asch, Jared Abraham, Jim Cannia Using geophysical data to build more realistic saltwater intrusion models
Folch, A., L. del Val, L. Luquot, L. Martínez-Pérez F. Bellmunt, H. Le Lay, V. Rodellas, N. Ferrer, S. Fernández, M. A. Marazuela, M. Diego-Feliu, M. Pool, T. Goyetche, A. Palacios, J. Ledo, P. Pezard, O. Bour, P. Queralt, A. Marcuello, J. Garcia-Orellana, M. Saaltink, E. Vazquez-Sune, and J. Carrera Seawater intrusion dynamics monitoring with geophysical techniques combination

Session 10 Submarine groundwater discharge (2)

Jiu Jimmy Jiao, Xin Luo, Wenzhao Liang Submarine groundwater discharge derived nutrients and red tide outbreaks in Tolo Harbor, Hong Kong
Till Oehler, Hendra Bakti, Rachmat Fajar Lubis, Ananta Purwoarminta, Robert Delinom, Nils Moosdorf Submarine fresh groundwater discharge from a volcanic island into a coral reef (Lombok, Indonesia)
Christophe Monnin, Joseph Tamborski, Pieter Van Beek, Simon Bejannin, Marc Souhaut and Manon Roques Seasonal behavior of dissolved inorganic carbon, silica and barium along a salinity gradient in a shallow coastal lagoon (Etang de La Palme, Southern France)
Marc Diego-Feliu, Jordi Garcia-Orellana, Aaron Alorda, Laura del Val, Linda Luquot, Laura Martínez, María Pool, Tybaud Goyetche, Juanjo Ledo, Philippe Pezard, Pilar Queralt, Albert Folch, Maarten Saaltink and Jesús Carrera Ra end-member variability in a dynamic subterranean estuary of a microtidal Mediterranean coastal aquifer
Janis Ahrens, Melanie Beck, Janek Greskowiak, Nele Grünenbaum Julius Degenhardt, Hannelore Waska, Bernhard Schnetger, and Hans-Jürgen Brumsack Efficient nutrient recycling in the subterranean estuary of an exposed sandy beach
Anner Paldor, Einat Aharonov, Oded Katz Deep submarine groundwater discharge facilitated by seawater circulation in a confined aquifer

Session 11 modeling (3)

Maria Pool, Elena Abarca, and Marco Dentz Effects of periodic temporal fluctuations and fluid density effects on mixing and chemical reactions in coastal aquifers
Georg J. Houben, Leonard Stoeckl, Katrina E. Mariner and Anis Sarwar Choudhury Sandtank experiments and numerical modeling of coastal aquifer heterogeneity: fringing reefs, vertical flow barriers and structured conductivity fields
Masahiro Takahashi, Kazuro Momii and Roger Luyun Jr. Laboratory scale investigation of dispersion effects on saltwater movement due to cutoff wall installation
Thuy T. M. Nguyen, Chenming Zhang, Pei Xin and Ling Li Seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers: combined effect of salinity and temperature
Xuan Yu and Holly A. Michael Effects of offshore pumping on groundwater resources in coastal aquifers
Marco Dentz, Maria Pool, and Vincent Post Mixing, dispersion and reaction under transient flow conditions

Session 12 Case studies (2)

Eldad Levi, Mark Goldman, Gideon Tibor, and Barak Herut Delineating the fresh/ saline groundwater interface in a subsea aquifer using Ex-Bz marine time domain
Md. Mizanur Rahman Sarker, Marc Van Camp, Mazeda Islam, Nasir Ahmed, Md. Masud Karim, Kristine Walraevens Salinity distribution in different coastal aquifers of southwest Bangladesh
Floris L. Naus, Paul P. Schot and Jasper Griffioen Contemporary groundwater salinity in Southwestern Bangladesh as steered by hydrogeological conditions under palaeohydrological and contemporary settings
A.M. Blanco-Coronas , M.L. Calvache, M. López-Chicano, J.P. Sánchez-Úbeda, and C. Duque Influence of the sea level oscillations on groundwater temperature and salinity in the coastal Motril-Salobreńa Aquifer
Tybaud Goyetche, Marc Diego-Feliu, Linda Luquot, Jordi Garcia-Orellana, Valenti Rodellas, Laura Del Val, Laura Martinez, Andrea Palacios, Juanjo Ledo, Philippe Pezard, Albert Folch, and Jesus Carrera Effects of a heavy rain event on the hydrodynamical and hydrogeochemical parameters in an alluvial coastal aquifer
S. Huizer, M. Radermacher, S. de Vries, G. H. P. Oude Essink and M. F. P. Bierkens Impact of coastal forcing and groundwater recharge on the growth of a fresh groundwater lens in a mega-scale beach nourishment

Session 13 Hydrogeology of islands and atolls

Stephen B. Gingerich, Clifford I. Voss and Adam G. Johnson Seawater flooding is becoming more frequent on low-elevation islands: Strategies to mitigate impacts on groundwater supply
Chunhui Lu Enhancing the freshwater lens volume of an island by reducing the hydraulic conductivity of the exterior region
Tobias Holt, Stephan Seibert, Janek Greskowiak, Jürgen Sültenfuss and Gudrun Massmann Evolution of a young freshwater lens on a currently developing barrier island, 'Ostplate', Spiekeroog
Ferdinand K. J. Oberle, Peter W. Swarzenski and Curt D. Storlazzi Atoll groundwater movement from rainfall to overwash
Katsushi Shirahata, Shuhei Yoshimoto, Takeo Tsuchihara and Satoshi Ishida Tidal response method with simple decomposition techniques to determine hydraulic parameters of freshwater-lens aquifer

Session 14 Coastal aquifer management (3)

Alexander Vandenbohede, Tom Diez and Emmanuel Van Houtte Towards a MAR system for sustainable drinking water production in the Flemish polders (Belgium)
L. Borst, C. van Genuchten and J.J.L. Paap MAR with salinization through the back door
Marc Walther, Leonard Stoeckl and Leanne K. Morgan Is sea water intrusion by groundwater over-abstraction even worse than what we expected? - Part 2: Understanding parameter sensitivity in field-scale
Niels Hartog, Koen G. Zuurbier, Klaasjan J. Raat, Gerard A. van den Berg Enabling the reuse of industrial wastewater to meet intense freshwater demands by greenhouse agriculture using Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)
D. Neyens, M. Baďsset, H. Lovighi Monitoring the groundwater quality/quantity from your desktop - application to salt water intrusion monitoring EMI: Environmental data Management Interface
Joseph D. Hughes and Christian D. Langevin Aquifer compaction-a threat to coastal aquifers


Antoifi Abdoulhalik, Abdelrahman M. Abdelgawad and Ashraf A. Ahmed Experimental and numerical saltwater upconing investigation on heterogeneous coastal aquifer
J. Bikse, I. Reitike An approach to delineate groundwater bodies at risk: Seawater intrusion in Liepaja (Latvia)
A. González-Quirós, J.C. Comte Three-dimensional finite element modelling of geophysical electric response on complex saltwater intrusion scenarios
K. De Vriendt1, M. Pool, E. Abarca, M. Dentz Mixing and calcite dissolution in heterogeneous coastal aquifers - A numerical 2D study
Laura del Val, Albert Folch, Jesús Carrera, María Pool, Olivier Bour, John S. Selker Temperature as tracer for fresh/salt water interface monitoring
Carlos Duque, Holly Michael The subterranean estuary: descriptive term or confusing jargon?
L. Dzierzbicka-Glowacka, B. Szymczycha, D. Dybowski, M. Janecki, A. Nowicki, Z. Klostowska H. Obarska-Pempkowiak, P. Zima, S. Pietrzak, G. Pazikowska-Sapota, E. Wojciechowska, B. Jaworska-Szulc, A. Szymkiewicz, G. Dembska, M.Wichorowski, M.Bialoskórski and T.Puszkarczuk WaterPUCK - Integrated information and prediction Web Service for the surface water and groundwater located in the Puck District (Poland)
Pia Ebeling, Marc Walther, Niels Schütze, Ali Al-Maktoumi, Falk Händel Thomas Vienken, Ulf Mallast Feasibility of mixed hydraulic barriers to remediate seawater-intrusion in shallow aquifers
Riley S. Gannon and Wesley R. Danskin Reconstructing 20,000 years of precipitation to constrain a deep groundwater model of the San Diego-Tijuana area, USA and Mexico, and implications for future models
Michael Grinat, Dieter Epping and Robert Meyer Long-time resistivity monitoring of a freshwater/saltwater transition zone using the vertical electrode system SAMOS
Ryszard Hoc, Andrzej Sadurski, Zenon Wisniowski Location changes of Wydrzany groundwater intake in Polish part of the Uznam Island aimed at groundwater state improvement
Georg J. Houben 300 years of coastal salinization research in Germany - the Homann (1718) map of the Christmas Flood of 1717
Georg J. Houben, Vincent E.A. Post Historical documents shed new light on the contributions of Alexander Herzberg to coastal hydrogeology
Ibenthal, M., Ptak, T., Massmann, G., Lennartz, B., Janssen, M. Determination of governing processes that drive groundwater flow between a coastal peatland and the Baltic Sea
Dorota Kaczor-Kurzawa Tectonically conditioned brine leakage into usable freshwater aquifers - implica tions for the quality of groundwater exploited in central Poland
Hamed Ketabchi Sea-Level Rise Impacts on Heterogeneous Coastal Aquifers: A Numerical Study on Salt Water Intrusion Behavior
Zaneta Klostowska, Beata Szymczycha, Karol Kulinski, Monika Lengier, Leszek Leczynski Hydrochemical characterization of various groundwater and seepage water resources located in the Bay of Puck, Southern Baltic Sea
B. Koohbor, M. Fahs, B. Belfort, B. Ataie-Ashtiani, C. T. Simmons Fourier series solution for an anisotropic and layered configuration of the disper sive Henry Problem
Arkadiusz Krawiec, Andrzej Sadurski Groundwater chemistry and origin of the Vistula Delta plain
M. A. Marazuela, E. Vazquez-Sune, E. Custodio, T. Palma, A. Garcia-Gil and C. Ayora 3D mapping, hydrodynamics and modelling of the freshwater-brine mixing zone in salt flats similar to the Salar de Atacama (Chile)
Laura Martinez-Perez, M. Diego-Feliu, L. Luquot, V. Rodellas and J. Garcia-Orellana Laboratory experiments on alluvial coastal sediments to characterize radium desorption in mixing waters
Pieter van Beek, Simon Bejannin, Joseph Tamborski, Marc Souhaut, Christophe Monnin, Mireille Pujo-Pay, Pascal Conan, Olivier Crispi Study of the chemical fluxes associated with SGD in several hotspots along the French Mediterranean coastline
Mathias Ronczka, Nico Skibbe, Thomas Günther, Stephan Costabel, Bernhard Siemon Helga Wiederhold and Mike Müller-Petke Generating hydraulic models by upscaling geophysical joint inversion through airborne electromagnetics
Gualbert Oude Essink, Esther van Baaren, Sandra Galvis Rodriguez, Koen Zuurbier, Klaasjan Raat, Jan Willem Kooiman, Toon Boonekamp Potential map for large-scale implementation of subsurface water solutions: COASTAR
Jarno Verkaik, Sebastian Huizer, Joeri van Engelen, Raju Ram, Kees Vuik, Gualbert Oude Essink Parallel Computing with SEAWAT
Joonas Pärn, Andres Marandi, Maile Polikarpus, Valle Raidla, Siim Tarros, Argo Joeleht, and Raul Paat Intrusion of saline water into a coastal aquifer containing palaeogroundwater in northern Estonia
Philippe A. Pezard, Gilles Henry, Laurent Brun, Tybaud Goyetche, Linda Luquot, Laura del Val, Laura Martínez Albert Folch, Jordi Garcia-Orellana, Juanjo Ledo, Jesús Carrera Innovative downhole geophysical methods for high frequency seawater intrusion dynamics monitoring
Giorgio De Giorgio, L.E. Zuffiano and M. Polemio An overview of coastal Apulian wetlands (Southern Italy)
Enzo Rizzo, L.E. Zuffiano F. Santaloia and M. Polemio Deep geoelectrical investigation to bound a coastal thermal outflow area
Dawid Potrykus, Anna Gumula-Kawecka Beata Jaworska-Szulc, Malgorzata Pruszkowska-Caceres, Adam Szymkiewicz and L. Dzierzbicka-Glowacka Assessing groundwater vulnerability to sea water intrusion in the coastline of the inner Puck Bay using GALDIT method
Priyanka, B.N. and Mohan Kumar, M.S. Upscaling of Anisotropic Hydraulic Conductivity in a Coastal Aquifer
Malgorzata Pruszkowska-Caceres, Adam Szymkiewicz, Beata Jaworska-Szulc, Maria Przewlocka, Anna Gumula-Kawecka, Dawid, Potrykus Seawater intrusion due to pumping mitigated by natural freshwater flux: a case study in Wladyslawowo, northern Poland
Maria Przewlocka, Beata Jaworska-Szulc, Bohdan Kozerski, Malgorzata Pruszkowska-Caceres, Adam Szymkiewicz, Andrzej Kwaterkiewicz Freshening of salinized groundwater in Gdansk Quaternary aquifer
Per Rasmussen, T.O. Sonnenborg, S.A.S. Pedersen, R. Jakobsen and K. Hinsby Modeling the efficiency of subsurface water solutions for controlling saltwater intrusion in a chalk aquifer affected by glaciotechtonical impact
I. Retike and J. Bikse New data on seawater Intrusion in Liepaja (Latvia) and methodology for estab lishing background levels and threshold values in Groundwater Body at Risk F5
Itay J. Reznik, Yoseph Yechieli, Roland Purtschert, Jürgen Sueltenfuss, Virginie Vergnaud, Naama Avrahamov, Stuart Wollman, Yishai Weinstein Direct determination of the rate of seawater intrusion with noble gases
Malgorzata Robakiewicz Spreading of brine in the Puck Bay in view of in-situ measurements
Hanna Rosentreter, Marc Walther and André Lerch Examination of suitable desalination processes for injection of desalinated water into saline aquifers as mixed hydraulic barriers
Zbigniew Kordalski, Andrzej Sadurski Major Groundwater Reservoir No 112 at the coast of Gdansk Bay
M. Adil Sbaď, N. Amraoui Development and application of diagnostic tools for seawater intrusion analysis in highly heterogeneous coastal aquifers
Doeke Dam, Frans Schaars, Lucas Borst and Michel Groen Measuring Groundwater Head in a Brackish Environment
Henrik Schreiber, Oussama Ait Raoui, Mohammed Amghar, Leonard Stoeckl Monitoring seawater intrusion in the Chtouka aquifer, Morocco
Wencke J. L. Schubert, Janek Greskowiak1 and Gudrun Massmann Numerical modeling of saltwater intrusion in North-Western Germany
Sola, F., Vallejos, A., and Pulido-Bosch, A. Fossil groundwater in a deltaic aquifer that supplies to a desalination plant
S.C. Solórzano-Rivas, A. D. Werner and D. J. Irvine Dispersion effects on the freshwater-seawater interface in subsea aquifers
Bernhard Siemon, Annika Steuer, Nico Deus, Jörg Elbracht Comparison of manually and automatically derived fresh-saline groundwater boundaries from helicopter-borne EM data at the Jade Bay, Northern Germany
L. Stoeckl, O. D. L. Strack, G. Houben, K. Damm, B. K. Ausk, and W. J. de Lange Altering hydraulic conductivity for antagonizing seawater intrusion
N. Suneetha and Gautam Gupta Evaluation of groundwater potential and saline water intrusion using secondary geophysical parameters: A case study from western Maharashtra, India
Anna Szelewicka Hydrogeological structures as burried valley along the Eastern Pomerania Polish coast of the Baltic Sea
Miroslaw Lidzbarski, Ewa Tarnawska Hydrogeological researches in the 4D cartography program in the coastal zone of the Southern Baltic
Vallejos, A., Sola, F., Molina, L. and Pulido-Bosch, A. Bacteria mediated acidification in a carbonate coastal aquifer
Ashraf M. Mushtaha and Kristine Walraevens Temporal and spatial distribution of salinity in Gaza Coastal Aquifer deduced from observations since 1972
Mateusz Damrat, Rafal Warumzer The ascension and intrusion processes of salt water into aquifers along the tectonic discontinuities in the Zarnowieckie Lake area
Westphal J., Moore, W.S. , Scholten, J., Schmiedinger I., Hsu, F.-H. , Böttcher M.E. Spatial and seasonal variations of biogeochemical transformations in coastal sands under the impact of SGD in the southern Baltic Sea
Helga Wiederhold, Wolfgang Scheer, Reinhard Kirsch, M. Azizur Rahman and Mathias Ronczka Saltwater intrusion under climate change in North-Western Germany - mapping, modelling and management approaches in the projects TOPSOIL and go-CAM